– Antiplatonic Cave – Zarathustrian Cave / Anaximandrian Cave

Amorphogenesis is an instrument and installation for digital interactive/intra-active architecture in which the movement of bodies transforms amorphous digital meshes in neverending emergence.
Amorphogensis is also a philosophical concept by Jaime del Val that points to an account of movement as not subjected to form nor poiting to it.
The ongoing emergence of the amorphous is thus a new perceptual condition. The spaces generated in Amorphogenesis are not cartesian spaces that one can navigate, they are not a res extensa. They are intensive spaces hat emerge with the movement. The architectures are part of an expanded metabody of the intra-acting body. The subject interacting is not in control of the meshes, no manual correlation is established. There is no representation of known spaces.
Rather, there is a process of decentralized co-constitution in which perception itself is emerging: a metaformance, in which the interactor experiences the emergence of new kinds of perception, space-time, movement and ecological relation with an environment which is not preformed, nor subjected in its emergence to optimisation strategies: a machine for opening up perception to indeterminacy, an antiplatonic cave, a Zarathustrian-Anaximandrian cave in which there is no realm of representation.
A world of becoming.

Conception, visuals and sound: Jaime del Val
Physical Structure: Jaime del Val and Cristian Garcia
Projection system: Dieter Vandoren
Computer Programming: Dieter vandoren
Digital meshes: Jia Rey Chang
Reverso in collaboration with Hyperbody – TUDelft

Tests June 2014 in Delft
Presentation July 2014 Madrid
Amorphogenesis/microsexes in Montreal at Concordia University IMF 2015
Amorphogenesis in Montreal at Concordia University IMF 2015
Amorphogenesis tests in Montreal at Concordia University IMF 2015