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Jaime del Val (Madrid 1974) is transdisciplinary media artist, philosopher, activist, promotor of the Metabody Institute, and the non profit organisation Reverso. Since 2000 Jaime develops transdisciplinary projects in the transvergence of arts (dance, performance, architecture, visual and media arts, music), technologies, critical theory and activism. Jaime’s projects propose redefinitions of embodiment, perception and public space that challenge contemporary control society as well as normative conceptions of affect, sex, gender and ability, and have been presented with over 100 performancs and installations in over 50 cities of 25 countries, across Europe, North and South America Asia as well as Asia and Africa, mostly under the collective REVERSO.

The recent evolution of these projects led to the Multiannual European Culture project with a 2 million euro fund from the EU commission, coordinated by Jaime with a network of 38 partners from 16 countries. As part of Metabody Jaime has organised over 20 international Forums and coodinated over 60 research projects. The project continues with the Metabody Forum, the Multiplicity University, the Metamedialab and the Metatopia environments.

Jaime’s philosophical work, associated to the artistic creation, has been published in over 30 essays  in journals such as  Performance Research – Routledge, Leonardo and others, and two books are being prepared for publicaction. Jaime has edited the Journals Reverso and Metabody, is member of the organizing committee of the Beyond Humanism Conference series, and has given over 100 lectures in Universities like U.C Berkeley, Stanford, MIT Medialab, Duke University, Yale, Cambridge and others. Jaime has imparted over 60 artist’s workshops in 25 countries. In 2008 Jaime was chosen by El Pais as one of the 100 Iberoamericans of the year, described as: “one of the most outstanding examples of an artist concerned with all art forms and with the problems of his time… a clear example of how it’s possible to change the world through art”.

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