Metabody Experiences


Body & Technology Art on the rooftops of Madrid

The experience starts at sunset  in my artist’s studio-terrace with the most awesome views all over the old town, where I share my techniques for becoming aware of one’s own senses through slow movement and creative use of technology.

Then follows the core activity with the one by one inmmersion in a multisensory digital environment created by me, with full body interaction in which electronic sounds and abstract visuals  projected on translucent structures are created by the participants themselves through sensors on their body: a cutting edge media arts experience in the open air, to gain a new feeling of connectedness to the body, the senses, the city and technology.

This is followed by a relaxed conversation-workshop in the studio-terrace in which I share with the participants knowledge on critical and creative use of technology involving the body and space, accompanied by some refreshing drinks in the incomparable setting of the terrace.

Finally I take the participants to a walk in the old town experiencing it in new ways through multisensory exploration, slow movement, “critical selfies” and small portable projection systems, exploring some secret magical corners.


Who am I:

I am a multidisciplinary media artist, leader of the organisation REVERSO, coordinator of the european project METABODY and creator of the cutting edge interactive environments called METATOPIA, with a studio-office in a magical roofhouse in the old town of Madrid. In my work I often create experiential art raising awareness of the body, public space and critical use of technology. Here I combine my diverse knowledges with a unique location to offer an equally unique and transformative experience that will leave no one untouched. I speak fluently Spanish, English, French, German and Italian


Where will we go?:

The experience is mostly in a small terrace with the most incomparably beautiful views of the city of Madrid. This is the main site where I will offer a unique sensory experience with media arts,  together with awareness of the body and technology.  Surrounding it we will also discover in new ways some unknown corners of the old town.


For more information and to book your experience contact us at: