Solo performance indoors/outdoors – Microsexes:

Surveillance cameras on the skin and electronically processed voice that generate an amorphous body without anatomy. Including 1 to 1 encounters with the audience members.

Solo performance outdoors – Architectural dialogues

Both of the above environments may be outdoors performances involving dialogues with specific architectural environments. (Below in the National Museum of Brasília by Oscar Nimeyer)

Group performance indoors/outdoors:

with 4 dancers/performers – including interactive 3D digital architectures and spatialised synthetic sound transforming through on body sensors.

Metaformance/Metagaming/Intra-activity: Indeterminate ecologies in the Algoricene

Hommage to Loïe Fuller, Iannis Xenakis, Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark

METATOPIA proposes a reflection on the role of embodiment in the Big Data era where increasing prediction and modulation of behaviours occurs by reducing the complexity of gesture to calculable elements, inducing expressive homogenisation while affording unprecedented control. Metatopia environments propose to reintroduce the full spectrum of embodied expression highlighting indeterminacy and empowering people to recuperate public space and the body as resistance to the ways in which current media tend to invade or erase these transforming them into hipercontrol spaces.

METATOPIA is based on the novel Flexinamics techniques developed by Reverso in the European project METABODY, based on flexible and dynamic structures, a concept of wearable architecture that blurs the boundaries of body and environment, with flexibility of all components and the constant physical dynamism and mutation of the modules. It consists both of bare physical structures connected to bodies, and of embedded systems of micromotors, sensors and other embedded systems as well as of associated movement techniques: architecture conceived as emergent and indeterminate movement relations.

METATOPIA is a swarm of intra-active, intelligent, nomadic architectures in urban spaces or indoors, an Occupy 2.0 or “refugee camp” for the new digital world order: embodied spaces of indeterminacy as resistance in Big Data and Hypercontrol society, a new distributed life-form.


In an apparent future that could be the present a planetary cyberorganism, or hipercyborg, called Big Data Brother, traces, cuantifies and modulates every movement of every human and non-human body and space. There is a diffuse guerilla of Metabody agents that aim at deprogramming the hipercyborg through mobilizing unquantifiable movements, untraceable behaviors, emergent perceptions and illegible affects, towards increasing diversity of bodies and behaviours, infusing indeterminacy into the system. Metatopia is the architectural, kinetic and perceptual laboratory of the Metabody agents, XXI century Quixotes that undo the invisible strata of power disseminating diffuse actions across all spaces, a metapolitics for a potential Occupy 2.0 movement in the era of global surveillance.


METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 1

METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 2

METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 3