METATOPIA is a swarm of interactive, intelligent, nomadic architectures in urban spaces or indoors, an Occupy 2.0 or “refugee camp” for the new digital world order: embodied spaces of resistance and indeterminacy in Big Data and Hypercontrol society, a new indeterminate and distributed life-form.

METATOPIA/METATOPE is an ultraportable interactive & performative environment for outdoors & indoors spaces that merges emergent physical & digital architectures, with 3D and multisensory immersion, focusing on indeterminacy, unpredictability and open-ended relation to bodies and surrounding environment. METATOPIA is the concept of indeterminate space of plurality, as creative response to control and prediction architectures in Big Data society.

FLEXINAMICS/FLEXEGRITY/FLEXISTENCY is the building technique underlying the physical, dynamic, ultraportable, foldable architecture modules, based on flexibility of all components, integrity or consistency of dynamic and flexible relations, and the constant physical dynamism and mutation of the modules, defying the perception of form. FLEXINAMICS is a technique developed in the EU Culture project METABODY. It consist both of bare physical structures connected to bodies, and of embedded systems of micromotors, sensors, speakers, microphones, cameras, microprojectors and other embedded microsystems that give the structures autonomous, distributed and decentralized agency following a swarm-logic.

METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 1

METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 2

METATOPIA tests 23 jan 2016 - 3


Occupy 2.0 – Hacking Big Data Brother & Hypercontrol Society.

METATOPIA is an interactive multimedia performative environment for outdoor and indoor spaces that involves interactive architecture modules that mutate physically as well as 3D immersive digital environments and spatialised sound that constitute participatory environments for the audience in open urban spaces as well as performative environments for dance.

METATOPIA is an open space of indeterminate behaviours and emergent movements that defies prediction and control in the Big Data Era. In the times of refugees and global surveillance, nomadic and dynamic spaces for plurality and diversity.

METATOPIA is a dynamically evolving, amorphous network of architectural modules whose physicality is constantly mutating in the connection with moving bodies and surroundings, generating an open, unpredictable, indeterminate space, a swarm that disseminates in the city. The modules are based on the novel techniques developed in the European project METABODY, based on flexible and dynamic structures, a concept of wearable architecture that blurs the boundaries of body and environment, an expanded body of emergent behaviours.

METATOPIA proposes a novel format called metaformance, hybrid of installation and performance, in which the audience becomes part of the interactive spaces, mediated and enacted by performers. METATOPIA can be presented in a variety of spatial compositions and scales, from large urban interventions to small intimate performances. Metatopia is a Metaopera and Metagaming platform for urban interventions or homes.

In an apparent future that could be the present a planetary cyberorganism, or hipercyborg, called Big Data Brother, traces, cuantifies and modulates every movement of every human and non-human body and space. There is a diffuse guerilla of Metabody agents that aim at deprogramming the hipercyborg through mobilizing unquantifiable movements, untraceable behaviors, emergent perceptions and illegible affects, towards increasing diversity of bodies and behaviours, infusing indeterminacy into the system. Metatopia is the architectural, kinetic and perceptual laboratory of the Metabody agents, XXI century Quixotes that undo the invisible strata of power disseminating diffuse actions across all spaces, a metapolitics for a potential Occupy 2.0 movement in the era of global surveillance.

Metatopia-Metatope-Flexinamics Concept and coordination: Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Metatope building and Flexinamics building techniques: Cristian García and Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)

Microsexes – concept, visuals and sound: Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Amorphogenesis – concept, visuals and sound: Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Amorphogenesis – 3D visuals programming: Dieter Vandoren (Netherlands) after concept by Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Amorphogenesis – 3D meshes: Jia Rey Chang (TUDelft-Netherlands) after concept by Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Disalignments movements techniques: Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Illegible Affects – concept: Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain)
Illegible Affects – Software for analysis of movement expressive qualities: Casa Paganini-InfoMus Research Ventre, University of Genoa.

Development of embedded sensors, motors and actuating systems: Marije Baalman (STEIM-Netherlands) (hardware and software engineering),
Nicoló Merendino (STEIM-Netherlands) (design) and Jaime del Val (Reverso, Spain) (concept).
Collaboration on audience interaction and choreographic strategies: Jean Marc Matos, (K.Danse, France)
Design consultant: Michele Danjoux (Dap-Lab, UK)