1st Metahuman Futures Forum – Online


¿Can we create a liveable Future?

Facing the extinction challenge.

Trash-human and Metahuman studies: Extinction and Planetary Health


Thursday 18th August 2022 – 1’00-5’00pm CET

LINK: https://youtu.be/bcvK8vmrTEg


  1. 1 pm CET – Metahuman FuturesForum introduction by Jaime del Val (Reverso-Metabody Institute, Spain) :
    • Trial against “Humanity”: or the superiority of weeds, for a Metahuman r/evolution +
    • An introduction to the Metahuman Futures forum, or: till when are critical intellectuals going to continue reaffirming Human Supremacy while ignoring Extinction and the Planetary Holocaust?
  2. 1.30 pm CET – Dialogue between Thomas Nail (Professor of Philosophy, University of Denver, USA) and Jaime del Val (Reverso-Metabody Institute, Spain)  Movement philosophies and the extinction crisis. – Thomas Nail is, along with Erin Manning, one of the very few contemporary philosophers of movement, having published over 10 volumes on the subject in recent years. So is Jaime del Val, whose monograph on Radical Movement Philosophy will appear later this year. In this dialogue Thomas and Jaime will explore the resonances and differences between their proposals and the relevance of movement philosophies for rethinking the present and future in the current extinction crisis.
  3. 2.30 pm CET – Intervention by Yunus Tuncel – (Professor of philosophy, New York University, USA) Response to Jaime del Val’s “Trash-human Unhancement and Planetary Health” paper (see below- https://doi.org/10.33182/joph.v2i1.1876)
    • ——5 minutes pause
  4. 3 pm CET – Intervention by Sacha Kagan – (Privatdozent at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies of Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany) – Radical and complex imagination, the indictment of anthroponormativity, and more: some arguments for and against Jaime del Val’s “Manifesto for Cosmic Response-Ability and the Future of LifeThis short commentary on Jaime del Val’s “Manifesto for Cosmic Response-Ability and the Future of Life” discusses some qualities of the text that may inspire the search process for a less unsustainable human civilization, even for those of us who may not share the extreme views espoused in the manifesto. Among the discussed aspects are the need for a radical imagination, the question of complexity, five inspiring insights from the manifesto about bodies, patriarchy, ethics and sedentary culture, issues around (non-)anthropocentrism and anthroponormativity, questions on planetary disalignment, some factual inaccuracies, and the impending risk of idiocracy.
  5. 3.30 pm CET Intervention by Cagdas Dedeoglu – (Professor at Yorkville University and Researcher at University of Toronto, founder of the Posthuman Lab, Canada) Posthumanist onto-epistemologies of sustainabilityMainstream approaches to sustainability rely on developmentalist assumptions and show humanistic, anthropocentric, and dualist tendencies. The Posthumanism for Sustainability project maps the posthumanist accounts of sustainability with the aim of looking at the onto-epistemological margins of sustainability. In this intervention, I’ll talk about the main results of this project and how they might help us while answering critical onto-epistemological questions.
    • and with Jaime del Val: Introduction to the ontological therapies.
  6. 4-5 pm – Group discussion: Ontological therapy – Human Supremacy Testwith the special participation of Yvonne Foerster (Shanxi university Taiyuan, China) – and involving the other participants: Yunus Tuncel, Sacha Kagan, Thomas Nail, chaired by Cagdas Dedeoglu, and Jaime del Val.

The forum will involve a presentation and first series of Ontological Group Therapy: https://metabody.eu/ontological-therapies-hst/

Part of the new METAHUMAN FUTURES INITIATIVE, launching the Trash-human and Metahuman Studies Field(s):

Linked to special METAHUMAN FUTURES issue in the Journal of Posthumanism for 2023 – CFPhttps://journals.tplondon.com/jp/

  • The publication will include Ontological Therapy Notes from the sessions.

This online event is a Prelude of the 1st Metahuman Futures Forum 2022 in Lesvos, Greece:

Some presentations will be a REPLY to the following TEXT that is proposed as PROVOCATION FOR DISCUSSION, (Pdf accesible in the link below):

  • Del Val, Jaime. 2022. “Trash-Human Unhancement and Planetary Health. Undoing the Planetary Holocaust by Reinventing Movement and the Body: A Manifesto for Cosmic Response-Ability and the Future of Life”. Journal of Posthumanism 2 (1). London, UK:3-30. https://doi.org/10.33182/joph.v2i1.1876.

Coordinated by Reverso/Metabody – Jaime del Val – Coorganised with the  Posthuman Lab – Cagdas Dedeoglu.