3rd Metahuman Futures Forum – Lesvos – 2024

¿Ending the Age of Denialism?

Planetary Holocaust, Human Supremacism, and Extinction.

Towards a Metahuman Justice and Freedom for all Life Forms.

A Meta-academic Metahumanities Encounter.

1st  and 2nd June 2024, in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

University of the Aegean. Department of Cultural Tecnology and Communication, Geography Building.

Part of the TRASH-HUMAN & METAHUMAN STUDIES programme.

Part of the Metahumanities Network & Metahuman Futures Forum Series,


 Organising Committee: Jaime del Val (Reverso/Metabody), Joaquín Fernández Mateo (Unversidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid), Aleksandra Łukaszewicz (Lodz University, Poland)

Local Organising Committee and Hosting: Evi Sampanikou, Nikolitsa Gourgouli, and the Mytilene Bodynet-Khorós Project Team,  University of the Aegean.

Advisory Board of theMetahumanities Network (frame for the Metahuman Futures Forum series and for Metahuman Studies): Yunus Tuncel, Cagdas Dedeoglu, Evi Sampanikou, Jan Stasienko, Stefan Lornez Sorgner, Francesca Ferrando, Yvonne Förster, Kevin LaGrandeur, Sacha Kagan, Mark Coeckelbergh – Coordinator: Jaime del Val.

Metahumanities Network: With the support of the Metabody Network and with the following Associated networks: the Beyond Humanism Network, the  World Posthuman Society, the Global Posthuman Network, The Posthuman Lab.


DEADLINE: 31st March (see below for conferencte information)


The most striking fact about the current extinction crisis, whose most imminent but not only threat is Climate Change, besides the crisis itself, is the denialism of it practiced by humanity at large, including most of Academia and critical intellectuals, even in many fields of posthumanist thinking. Anthropocentrism seems to reign supreme, entering through the backdoor even there where beyond humanism discourses are proposed. The challenging of the totality of modes of destructive living enacted by certain dominant strands of the Sapiens since at least the Neolithic seems to be still a taboo, even for critical thinkers and many social, queer, environmental, and animal activists. this includes, of course, the denialism of denialism itself.

Since 2022 the MFF has been proposing an integrative frame for understanding the interrelatedness of all aspects of the crises unleashed by human dominion over the past millennia, and to do so without concessions to the human supremacism that,  either bluntly or under cover, still seems to reign supreme in other circles. In this 3rdedition of the MFF we aim to bring the discussion further by focusing on the issue of denialism, including more specifically the mechanisms by which denialism reaffirms itself within circles of supposed critical thinking and in the academia, amongst others.

Reaching out toward meta-academic criticality and transdisciplinary life practices and knowledges, the EU project that serves as frame for the MFF, Bodynet-Khorós, further instigates the activation of techniques of living and thinking that by far exceed any form of eurocentric, logocentric, verbocentric, academic supremacism: from indigenous knowledges to novel embodied choral practices and gathering techniques, for a metahuman mutation and a liveable future.

In words of United Nations Secretary-General AntónioGuterres on Monday 7th November 2022 at COP[1] 27 “We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator […] Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish.” In face of the ongoing 6th Great Mass Extinction created by anthropogenic action since the last millennia and exponentially accelerating, threatening all life on earth including “humans”, it is urgent to stop our flight forwards. The challenge is that all life on earth needs to be equally taken care of.  There are no human rights without the rights of all other life forms.

Human health and rights= Animal health and rights = Planetary health and rights.

This year the Metahuman Futures Forum takes further the following previous years’ proposals:

We will again do a convivial-experiential METAHUMAN LAB,  a workshop at the Queer Festival.

  • including on movement, building/dwelling and gathering
    • Learning from gatherer cultures and from non-human: architecture and dance
    • choral practices and the dance of life.

Proposals for workshops, performances/metaformances, exhibition proposals, and book presentations are welcome.

It will be a fully VEGAN event.


  • What is metahumanism.
    • Metahumanist philosophy, aesthetics and politics.
    • Meta-academic metahumanities.
  • The problem of denialism:
    • in society,
    • in activism,
    • in academia and critical thinking;
    • the associated problem of human and academic selfreferentiality,
    • and of implicit or explicit human supremacism and academic supremacism;
    • the academy as part of the extinction system and of human supremacist knowledge.
    • How to bring the academy beyond itself towards meta-academic metahumanities: as symbiotic practices of living.
    • Challenging academic denialism: Till when are critical intellectuals going to wait to step out of the pedestal of Human Supremacism?
  • Metahuman justice, freedom, rights, life, health, care, and wellbeing for all life forms.

    • Towards an integrative frame for all life forms.
    • Towards new metahuman politics.
    • Towards new metahuman aesthetics for a total art of living and a of life transformation.
    • Metahuman metaformance aesthetics.
    • Metahumanist philosophy, aesthetics and politics as opposing transhumanism, and taking further critical posthumanism.
    • Metahuman Justice and care for all life forms as condition for a liveable future.
    • Interrelation of planetary health, animal health and human health, and of health with freedom and wellbeing.
  • The ignored aspects of the Extinction Crises:
    • Human supremacism, dominion and the Planetary Holocaust
      • non human animals and other life forms: farm animals, wildlife, plants, ecosystems and all life forms.
      • the Planetary Holocaust, as not only largest killing machine, but the most polluting and devastating one
      • interrelation of planetary health, wildlife health and farm animal health, and incompatibility of farms with wellbeing.
    • Human occupation of the Earth and the excesses of sedentary civilization,
      • the environmental and climate crises.
    • Human multiplication and the counter-evolutionary nature of heteronormative regimes of reproduction.
      • human oppression as effect of dominion over other life forms,
      • undoing or challenging binary notions,
      • critical approaches to all meanings and nuances of «gender» as well as post-gender and (post-)queer theories.
    • Exponentiality and imminence of the crises.
  • Trash-human unhancement, hyperhumanism and the real faces of transhumanist culture as human supremacism and denialism:
    • The dominant human as a menace and virus to the planet and other species.
    • Human Supremacism as unacknowledged core problem; the arche-taboos and the needed ontological therapy.
    • Are all human rights erected against planetary rights?
    • Critical posthumanists as still too humanists?
    • Transhumans as Trash-humans?
    • Metahumans as symbiotic mutants?
    • New technofascisms. Radical challenges of Big data culture and autonomous algorithms.
    • Technophilia as supremacism promising solutions to everythng hiding business as usual.
    • Health and culture as questionable supremacist arguments.
  • The unacknowledged METAHUMAN revolutions:
    • Learning from gatherer cultures: the anthropological revolution of the Original Affluent Society that since the 1960’s has dismantled with extensive evidence earlier prejudices and supremacist misconceptions which assumed that gatherers-hunters lived worse than agrarian-urban cultures, exposing that it is the reverse: they have better quality of life, an argument supported by many anthropologists and Historians from Suzman (2017, 2020, 2022) to Harari. From this area arguably comes the deepest posthuman revolution which shows that the entire human and planetary drama comes from accumulation and sedentarism, which was not an evolutionary teleology, but a geologic anomaly and accident that needs to be overcome.
      1. relearning gathering techniques.
    • The 1 million population revolution: all estimations show that for 99% of its existence, till around 10,000 years ago, the Sapiens for under 1 million population, a time during which, as said in previous point, quality f life was generally better than with agriculture and no mass extinction was created, we were on of the 8,7 million species, contributing to global biodiversity. But over the past 10,000 years we multiplied by nearly 10,000 and by 2050 we may reach 10,000 million. The greatest challenge is perhaps going back again to what we always were: one million, how?:
      1. Demanding governments to stop promoting families and reproduction, undoing the multiplication thrust of nation sates and Growth economy.
      2. Voluntary antinanalism, liberation from oppressive reproduction norms, voluntary suspension of human multiplication.
      3. Denouncing and disaligning from Gender binaries and nuclear families as geologic anomaly that drives us to extinction through overpopulation
      4. Promoting Queer and trans-species kinships.
    • Choral revolution: choral dances have been central to all tribal cultures exposing an unacknowledged richness; it is about the rhythmic fields of aesthetic expression, vital rhythmic richness, embedded in all of life, and as highly rich forms of embodied knowledge and memory that exceed semiosis.
      1. Alternative forms of embodied thinking and thinking as movement, and practices to mobilize it.
      2. Towards transformative arts of life?
      3. The source of the global crisis is in the impoverished body?
      4. Regaining the dance of life for a planetary regeneration beyond human narratives.
      5. The Body technologies revolution: only what the body can do
    • Radical Embodied Cognition revolutions.Proprioceprion and BI (Body Intelligence) as shared by all life forms. (Jaime)
      1. From consiousness/mind to moving body.
      2. Sentience of non-humans.
      3. Transspecies kinships.
      4. The propricoetive revolution of BI
    • Learning from nonhumans: their ethical and kinaesthetic superiority – animals as their movement and the crime to immobilise and enslave them
      1. learning architecture from animals
    • Evolution as primarily symbiosis and mutual aid, not as struggle. (Kropotkin,Margulis, Haraway). Dismantling the capitalistic fallacies of Neo-Darwinism.
    • The biosphere as mixture and flow, and how our devastating occupation of the earth blocks it. The Dynamism of matter (quantum physics and relativity) and the problem of splitting organic and inorganic. Rights of the Earth against homogenisation and blockage of flows, by appropriation and monocultures.
      1. Nontoxic architectures: undo or toxic occupation of the earth – the one half problem
      2. Relational ethics
    • The physics and cosmology revolution
      1. the dynamism of matter.
    • The other revolutions of (mainly) Industrialised (WEIRD) humans, need to become more transversal, more than intersectional, and avoid any human supremacism:
      1. Queer, non binary, transfeminism, poliamory, sex work public sex and public nudity movements,
      2. radical vegan and earth liberation movements
      3. neurodiverse and crip movements
      4. aboriginal and decolonial, and precarious people movements
  • Metahuman Precursors?
    1. From Presocratics and Lucretius through Nietzsche to post-Deleuzians and beyond.

Conference Information:

Hybrid format online + on site.

Abstract Submissions: till 31st March 2024 (no extension will be given). Acceptances by 15th April.

Please send to: Jaime del Val – jaimedelval.reverso@gmail.com

Proposals for workshops and performances/metaformances are welcome.


Forum fees (with discount due European Project framework)

  • 40 euro (early bird – till 30th April)
  • 60 euro (later – after 30th April)

ONLINE speakers: 20 euros

Bank Information:account for transfer forthcoming, please write to jaimedelval.reverso@gmail.com  


[1] See https://thehill.com/homenews/3723070-un-chief-we-are-on-a-highway-to- climate-hell-with-our-foot-on-the-accelerator/.