Ontology and politics of data.

A project by Jaime del Val, subproject of METABODY.

The era of datacentrism and infoexplosion, that is embodied in the unprecedented expansion of Big Data -understood as the increasingly sophisticated processing of infinite data bases- presents a fundamental change of ontological dimensions in the operations of power and the social body and demands new critical and creative tools that may help understand the extent and depth of these changes, facilitating new modes of resistance and response.

In the framework of a planetary euphoria that present Big Data as the panacea of a new economy and world order some critical voices are emerging, yet current discourses around Big Data require further deepening into the novel issues it raises while understanding the obsoleteness of prior discursive and political frameworks in relation to it.

Beyond the discourses that limit themselves to the defense of privacy or those that advocate public or open data, we should perhaps ask ourselves how far Big Data entails a dissapearing of both the private and the public in a new logic of power and control that requires novel critical and creative strategies.

It is therefore necessary to define which are the conditions of possibility of data, what is their ontology and economy, in order to define an ecology and politics of data and a new horizon of alternatives.

International Unconference: Hacking Big Data Brother: From Biometrics to Intra-action

in Medialab Prado, Madrid, 21-22 July 2015 ⋙ CALL FOR PAPERS

Panel with Marta Peirano, Eva Moraga, Miguel Ángel Calderón and Jaime del Val

in Medialab Prado, Madrid – Wednesday 27 May at 6pm


This panel is the first of a series of events under the title Big Data Brother, a subproject of the METABODY project. In the International Metabody Forum 2015 in Madrid 9-17 July a production workshop and 21-22 July an international conference, followed by a publication, will further elaborate the proposal. This panel is part of the Programme of OJO AL DATA of Medialab Prado

Group Metabody / Commons BodyReverso.

Marta Peirano (Madrid, 1975) is journalist and author of several books amongst which “The Little red Book of the online activist” prologued by Edward Snowden.

Eva Moraga is lawyer founder of Por & Para specialised in consultancy in the fields of visual arts and culture and has extensive experience in issues related to transparency and access to information.

Miguel Ángel Calderón, is responsible for communication and for the Campaign “Forbid Massive surveillace now” of Amnesty International Spain.

Jaime del Val is philosopher, artist, activist, director of REVERSO, and coordinator of METABODY.

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