COVID-19 as Metabody

Towards a Movement R/Evolution
Regaining the body in times of the Pandemic
(and reinventing it), in the new global economy of movement, control and social distancing

by Jaime del Val – Reverso – METABODY

Reflections in Process / Transductions in the making
Rather than reflecting, this “paper” is a text-in-progress which transducts or intraducts: gradually unfolds its own field […]

Algorithmic Government: the Problem IS the Technology

Algorithmic Government:
the Problem IS the Technology
Facebook  vs. China:  The radical opacity of Big Data systems is intrinsic to the technology – we need an ontological critique of technology

by Jaime del Val –  22nd March 2018  –  © Jaime del Val – 2018


Gobierno algorítmico: el problema radica en la propia tecnología, no solo en […]


Metaformance in Columbus Circle – New York – by Jaival-Reverso – 19th April 2015

A tribute to the Lenape native americans who first populated the area now called Manhattan, prior to and alongside colonial alignments.
by Jaime del Val
It’s a cold, windy, cloudy, moisty evening of early spring in NYC. Columbus circle is deserted of bypassers. […]

Preface of the editor – Metabody Journal of Metacultural Critique – Nº 1

Metabody – Journal of Metacultural Critique – 1
IMF – International Metabody Forum
Metaformance Studies 2013-14
Multiplicities in Motion – Open source Bodies-Spaces.
We start herewith the first of a series of publications of the Metabody Project and its International Forum. It’s a first mosaic of introductions, kaleidoscope of incipiencies, declarations of unintentions and dispositionings, since this project […]


For an embodied, differential media ethics in global surveillance culture.

July 2013 – The following is beta version 1.0 of a draft to be discussed amongst the partners of the Metabody Project during the 5 years of the project’s duration.

Media give form to our perceptions and proprioceptions, therefore to the ways we relate to one […]

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