Toulouse & Dresden – 3-7 & 25-29 October 2022

TECHNO-ECOLOGIES- ¿Can we create a liveable future?

How to save the planet through the moving body.


Part1 – 3-7 Oct.:


Part 2 – 25 October – Telematic connection Toulouse-Dresden:

Dresden side:

Toulouse side:

Part 2 – Toulouse 26-29 Oct:


Under the Topic TECHNO-ECOLOGIES- ¿Can we create a liveable future?- How to save the planet through the moving body, techniques for collectively reinventing the body in motion, as reply to the planetary crisis of climate change and other related problems will be explored, as experiments towards new ways of living, by recovering lost sensorimotor capacities: choral improvisation techniques towards a sustainable, inclusive, embodied Internet or Bodynet.

  1. 3-7 October: A Networked exploration of disaligned telematics through specially designed video conferencing tools. between Toulouse and Dresden, with a local call for participants in the workshop-residency in Toulouse, ending with a public online and on site performance.
  2. 25-30 October: Starting with a telematic connection via abstract avatars of an amorphous virtual reality in connection to Dresden, with a public presentation, and continuing with a physical on-site installation of dynamic architectures, projections and sounds, for creating choral improvisations, again with a local call for participants in the workshop-residency in Toulouse, ending with a public online and on site performance.
Session 1 – October 3-7: FORUM2 & LAB3 BODYNET-KHORÓS

Creation residency, with Jaime del Val (performer and guest philosopher, Madrid, Spain), Jean-Marc Matos (choreographer), Arnaud Courcelle (digital artist), Laure Lapeyre (actress, performer) and several choreographers, dancers and visual artists, live from Dresden and Berlin (Germany) – Network exploration of the principles of movement misalignment in a teleperformance situation, using video conferencing tools created for the occasion – Presentation on October 7 (without audience on site) : online performance, with streaming, and presentation of the European project.
Location: Place de la Danse, CDCN Toulouse Occitanie, Toulouse
Thematic focus: networked teleperformance (BODYNET) / Alien intimacy

Bodynet – Alien Intimacy – Disaligned Chorus Online.
streaming of online metaformance between 4 cities:
Toulouse, Málaga, Dresden, Berlin
Friday 7th october 2022 – 5pm CET:

With the telematic collaboration of meta/performers:

  • Laure Lapeyre, Bobby Gyps, Marine Dubigeon, Miel Pagès, Stefan Veselinovic. (connecting from Toulouse, France)
  • Alba T. Álvarez (connecting from Málaga, Spain).
  • Maria Pätzold (connecting from Dresden, Germany).
  • Lisa Hoffmann (connecting from Berlin, Germany).
Coordination et technique: Arnaud Courcelle, Jean-Marc Matos, Jaime del Val.
Concept by Jaime del Val and Jean-marc Matos, based on Bodynet – Alien Intimacy.
In turn based on Disalignments and Microdances/microsexes concepts-techniques by Jaime del Val.
Location in Toulouse: La Place de la Danse, Rue République 48.
Session 2 – October 25-30: FORUM2 & LAB3 BODYNET-KHORÓS

Residence-training/creation workshop (local call for projects), with Jaime del Val, Jean-Marc Matos, Arnaud Courcelle, Laure Lapeyre and TMA (Dresden, Germany) remotely – Public presentation with live streaming on October 26, online telematics with Dresden, via the abstract avatars of a distant interactive installation – Continuation of the residency, in the context of an in situ intra-active installation, made up of dynamic architectural structures, with visual and sound projections, for the creation of choral improvisations.
– Hybrid performance, live and online, “sortie de residence”, October 29th/30th

Location: La Gare auxs Artistes , Route de Lavaur, Toulouse
Thematic focus: the Dionysian Chorus (KHORÓS) / Abstract avatars


At the same time, in Dresden, in telematic connection with Toulouse:

October 26th – Dresden: Büro für Gute Maßnahmen

Bodynet: Abstract Avatars

Telematic interaction event in connection with Metabody Toulouse / K. DanSe

with Jaime del Val, Maria Pätzold, Alba T. Álvarez (as audience mediators and players)

Interactive telematic space for the audience to play with.

The movements of a local and a remote interactor get transposed onto abstract avatars moving on the screen: amorphous creatures-architectures, 3D meshes and sounds for an online metagame that hacks control aesthetics and invites the interacting audience to open up to indeterminacy and variation by focusing on tiny torsions of the body: a means to regain proprioception (the sense of movement of the body) in a culture of atrophy and hypercontrol, as a way towards restoring the health of the Planet in the Anthropocene and the age of algorithms, towards an embodied internet or Bodynet, and beyond, as a revival of choral practices: Khorós.

Based on the Bodynet-Abstract Avatars project

developed by Jaime del Val/Reverso/Metabody in collaboration with: Jean-Marc Matos/K. Danse

and collaborators in the frame of Metabody Forum and Metabody Toulouse 2021.