The Reverso-Metabody Centre of Metahuman Technologies for Planetary Health aims at exploring a radical critique and radical alternatives to the currently dominant human way of living and its associated overpopulation, based on devastating ways of occupying the Earth with urbanisation, agriculture, extractivism, and on a radical slavery and extermination of mainly non-humans, especially through farming, a Planetary Holocaust that is unleashing a mass Extinction cycle, propelled by a Human Supremacy that explains also the way humanity at large ignores, and is complicit with, the catastrophe. All of it is grounded -as proposed by Jaime del Val’s account of metahumanism– on a gradual impoverishment of sensorimotor capacities in the Sapiens: an atrophied, fearful, and self-obsessed species dominated by verbal-numeric abstractions creating a paralysed, trash-planet. By regaining and reinventing the lost body and its proprioception (sense of internal movement),of sensorimotor capacity for ongoing variation, other ways of living that are not about multiplying and occupying the earth in toxic manner are proposed.

The Reverso-Metabody Centre proposes a pioneering and unique initiative in its kind in which the cutting edge association of arts with new technologies is located in a rural environment to promote a sustainable and inclusive territory and culture.

The center focuses on the need to connect local and global problems, study the unsustainable aspects of current communication technologies, which in many aspects turn the back on the body and territory. The center proposes initiatives aimed at the promotion of a sustainable and inclusive territory, from a multidisciplinary approach of convergence of arts and new technologies, and the connection of the local and global, with the involvement of local communities as well as professionals. and international networks.

Located in a refurbished old manor house –Casa de la Libertad– in Zorita de la Frontera, 10km from Peñaranda de Bracamonte in the rural area of Salamanca, Spain, near to national transport networks, the center has the vocation to dynamize the environment in a singular way, by constituting a node that connects networks international pioneers in the convergence of culture and new technologies, with local communities, and with a clearly inclusive agenda.

Based on the pioneering trajectory of Jaime del Val, Reverso and Metabody, in the development since 2001 of arts and technology projects, coordinating EU projects, in collaboration with entities such as Fundación ONCE, having organized 25 international forums in 18 countries and With an associated network of 38 partners from 16 countries, Jaime del Val proposes to situate the node of its international networks, the Reverso Association and the METABODY Institute and project  in Zorita de la Frontera, in a unique initiative that connects the international and the local.

The center will connect networks of different actors including:

  • local and global entities on disability and other minorities
  • local and global entities on sustainability
  • local and global entities on new technologies and art

The Centre hosts:



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