Disalignments/Alloceptive Swarms/Indeterminate Body

  • Street interventions and Dérives – small or large scale collective actions
  • workhops
  • movement techniques and therapy

Disalignments are urban interventions, swarms of bodies moving in very unconventional temporalities, axes, proximities, spaces and  contacts that infuse indeterminacy in the environment. They are usually developed in the form of a workshop and are primarily an anticoreographic movement and perception technique.

Disalignments are also Metabody movement techniques for disaligning the body from its known movements and perceptions, activating a proprioceptive swarm-like body, by Jaime del Val. Disalignments are movement improvisation techniques focusing on proprioception that mobilize the body as diffuse swarm of microperceptions (the proprioceptive/alloceptive swarm) while the residue of conscious awareness is used for the sake of inducing subtle deviations from known patterns, gestures, postures, temporalities, or proximities.

Disalignments explore almost imperceptible micromovements, focusing on the elasticity of internal movement sensations and their alien indeterminacy, opening up a sensory landscape that was not previously there but emerges with the very exploration. The techniques are anti-choreographic, focusing on the ongoing and subtle deviation from any previous pattern, and on letting the body move without a subject guiding it, in excess of decisional trajectories. The quantum field of proprioceptive indeterminacy opens up and the body moves in excess of any external cues that reduce its orientations.