IMF 2013

Metacuerpos: movimiento, emergencia y relación.

El Foro internacional Metabody 2013 propone una investigación filosófica y transdisciplinar en el propio concepto de Metacuerpo como sustrato para redefinir el cuerpo y la realidad en términos de movimiento, emergencia y relacionalidad: un metacuerpo como proceso emergente de relaciones de movimiento. Este concepto se plantea como herramienta crucial para entender el funcionamiento del poder en el capitalismo actual que opera coreografiando movimientos de los cuerpos en todas las escalas, sociales, afectivas, perceptuales y cognitivas.


Metahuman/Metaformance Studies 2013

Metabody Conference+
Multiplicidades en movimiento:
Afectos, Corporeización y el Reverso de la Cibernética.
3.000 años de Historia Posthumana

Bodynet – Como hacer una red de cuerpos

24-31 Julio en Medialab Prado en Madrid
Plaza de las Letras. C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid (Spain)
Organiza: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid & Reverso

Keynote lecture: N. Katherine Hayles – Duke University

Chairing and coordinación: Jaime del Val (Reverso) and Eva Botella Ordinas (UAM)

Asistencia: Tommaso Marzocchini

Video: Juan Carlos Ballesteros y María Bautista Sánchez

Programación detallada

24th July: 19:15- 21: Public Praxis session – Theory-Thinking in Motion – Intra-action through full body motion analysis – practical demonstrations by

Infomus – Antonio Camurri >>>VIDEO
TMA – Matthias Härtig & Johanna Roggan >>>VIDEO
Palindrome – Robert Wechsler >>>VIDEO

25th July:19:15- 21: Public Praxis session – Theory-Thinking in Motion – Sensors, sound and disseminated perceptions – practical demonstrations by

Palindrome – Robert Wechsler -.Including presentation byMarcello Lussana: MotionComposer: performing musical perception >>>VIDEO.
Steim – Marije Baalman >>>VIDEO
Kouros – Pablo Palacio & Muriel Romero >>>VIDEO

26th July: Arts and tékhnes of embodiment – sesión en inglés/ session in english

16’00-17’30: Panel 1
Citizen labs for collaborative prototyping – Marcos García – Medialab Prado >>>VIDEO
Cross-Fertilization between science and art: the Casa Paganini-InfoMus research centre – Antonio Camurri – Infomus>>>VIDEO
TECHNARTE, International Conference on Arts and Technology – Cristina de la Maza – Innovalia >>>VIDEO
MotionComposer: coherent mapping in movement-to-music interaction – Robert Wechsler – Palindrome >>>VIDEO

17’45-18’45: Panel 2
Danse with Technology, K. Danse and Metabody – Jean Marc Matos – K. Danse >>>VIDEO
The process of mapping in interactive performances – Marije Baalman – STEIM >>>VIDEO
Algorithmic connections between sound, body and light: looking for a common substrate – Pablo Palacio y Muriel Romero – Kouros >>>VIDEO

19’00-20’00: Panel 3
Audible and Inaudible Choreography -Ana Kuntzelman – DAP-Lab >>>VIDEO
Spiritual or passion-based bodily creation of Virtuality – Thomas Dumke – T.M.A.-Hellerau >>>VIDEO
Thinking about programming practices – Alberto Magno – Fabrica de Movimentos >>>VIDEO

22’30-23’30 – Street Performance – Antibodies of Surveillance – Exorzising Plato – Jaime del Val – Reverso –
Starting in Plaza de las Letras, continuing in the surroundings. >>>VIDEO

27th July: Technogenetic spirals and ontological critique – sesión en inglés/ session in english

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Emotions – Dr. Kevin LaGrandeur – New York Intitute of Technology >>>VIDEO
Anticipation and Securitization: Dance Video Games and Choreographies of Wartime – Dr. Harmony Bench – Ohio State University >>>VIDEO
Reflections on software and the originary technogenesis of the (post)human – Dr. Federica Frabetti – Oxford Brookes University >>>VIDEO
Ghosting the queer – Liana Borghi – Universitá di Firenze >>>VIDEO

12’30-13’00 – Introduction to METABODY. Embodiment and the reversal of cybernetics. 3.000 years of posthuman history. Ontologies of movement and the Panchoreographic. – Jaime del Val – Reverso >>>VIDEO

13’00-13’50 – The Lights Are On but Nobody’s Home: Re-envisioning the Role of Consciousness in Bio-Techno-Evolution – N. Katherine Hayles Duke University >>>VIDEO

13’50-14’30 – The Posthuman Revisited – Regaining the lost body of information – Quantified Self vs. Unquantifiable Others: Consciousness, Perception and the Militarization of Life in Affective Capitalism – N. Katherine Hayles in dialogue with Jaime del Val >>>VIDEO

Flesh of Time. Thinking Time as Materialized Structure – Dr. Yvonne Foerster-Beuthan – Leuphana Univ. Lüneburg>>>VIDEO
From Superman to Metafriend. Re-mapping human Mind in Media Age – Dr. Ralph Beuthan – Myongi Univ. Seul >>>VIDEO
Posthuman Locke: the Enlightened roots of the posthuman subject – Eva Botella-Ordinas – UAM >>>VIDEO

Music, cognitive enaction and social Metabody – Dr. Rubén Lopez-Cano – ESMUC >>>VIDEO
Alternative Set Theory and the Horizon of Emergence – Dr. Jan Romportl – University of West Bohemia >>>VIDEO
InfoMatters – Dr. Nimish Biloria – Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft >>>VIDEO

19’00-20’00 – Panel – Movements of Disturbance: Excess Ecology, Post-Digital Networks, and Queer Illegibility
An Ecosystem of Excess – Pinar Yoldas – Duke university >>>VIDEO
Queer Illegibility and the Facial Weaponization Suite – Zach Blas – Duke university >>>VIDEO

28th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Embodied Affects – session in Spanish/sesión en castellano

Retórica y sentimientos en el proceso de la revolución liberal española – Carlos Ferrera Cuesta – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – >>>VIDEO
Tareas Infinitas y tareas imposibles. Disposiciones corporales y afectivas en las formas de organización del trabajo contemporáneo – Carlos López Carrasco y Vicente Muñoz-Reja Alonso (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) >>>VIDEO
Seres desvanescentes, perspectivas del arte y la arquitectura en disolución – Carlos Tapia y Marta López Marcos – Universidad de Sevilla >>>VIDEO

30th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Affective Embodiments – sesión en inglés/ session in english

Somatic Recall: How Moving Bodies Harvest Spatiotemporal Experience – Jennifer LeMesurier – University of Washington>>>VIDEO
Wearable dynamics – Paola Tognazzi >>>VIDEO
Metabody Iconography: Alien phenomenologies and Object-Oriented Art – Steven Hammer – North Dakota State University>>>VIDEO
Material-discursive articulations of the bio: theorising biomedia and biomediation – Ben Craggs – Goldsmiths University London >>>VIDEO

31th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Bodynet Call for Projects – Presentations – sesión en inglés/castellano

SXK [Turing Test] – Quimera Rosa – Cecilia Puglia & Yan Reyes >>>VIDEO
Weaving the web: from virtual to reality and back. Perpetuus, Paula Pin, R+, Spideralex. >>>VIDEO
Kinetik Body Mesh – Beka Iglesias >>>VIDEO
Postgender Biomechatronic Machines – Claudia Ossandon >>>VIDEO
Corporeal Narrative Gaming – Martin Reiche >>>VIDEO


Metahuman/Metaformance Studies 2013

Metabody Conference 2 / MetamediaLab 2

14-18 Noviembre en Dresden, Hellerau at Cynetart festival.
hosted by TMA-Hellearau, in the Great Hall of the Hellerau Festpielhaus.

The second event of the Metabody project takes place in Dresden, hosted by co-organiser TMA-Hellerau in the framework of the CYNETART Festival, an ideal setting for a project whose main concern is movement. After the kick-off event of this five years European project, which happened in July 2013 in Madrid, where we outlined the theoretical framework and artistic-scientific lines of research of the project, this second meeting of the partners will aim at focusing the very broad scenario of the project with a number of research experiments that will be the ground for future collaborations, cross-fertilizations and prototype developments.

The unique setting of the historic Hellerau Festspielhaus allows for an equally unique interaction between practice and theory, or rather between different practices and performances of research-creation, where the Great Hall will host for five days, in the same space, the public installation-performances that will be also experimentation tools for the internal workshop of the project. Blurring the limits between public exhibition, performance and internal work-in-progress, the public installations by project partners, other artists, and particularly the work of Isabelle Choinière, Audrey-Anne Bouchard and Ricardo dal Farra, will be a stage for the metaformance of radical embodiment, inside, outside and accross the Metabody framework.

Including the lectures of the Metabody Conference, part of the Metaformance Studies Programme of the project, as well as public performances, workshops by project partners Palindrome, STEIM and Dap-Lab, and the internal yet open meeting of the partners for the production of the project, the MetamediaLab; this event promises a new move in explorations of embodiment, for a metahumanist ontology and politics of becoming, for a social ecology to come.

Workshop with children with disabilties
and motion tracking technology (MotionComposer)
conducted by Palindrome/Robert Wechsler
Schule am Burkersdorfer Weg
Burkersdorfer Weg 20
01189 Dresden

Wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance with Sense/Stage by Marije Baalman from STEIM Amsterdam
Festspielhaus Hellerau