We warmly invite you to our International Metabody Forum event taking place early next month
at Artaud Performance Centre (Brunel University London).

  • Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 6: technical rehearsals and constructions/ networked performance tests.
  • Thursday 7: SYMPOSIUM — “Performance Architectures, Wearables and Gestures Of Participation” (15:00 – 21:00)
  • Friday 8: Workshops / Exhibition-Performances (10:00 – 15:00 / evening performances 18:00 – 21:30)
  • Saturday 9: Workshops / Exhibition-Performances (10:00 – 15:00 / evening performances 18:00 – 21:30)

There are many amazing artists and researchers involved traveling here from many places in the world – so we do hope to welcome some of our Metabody veterans as participant-observers as well.

The preliminary program is on our website: DAP-lab

Venue: Artaud Performance Centre


Call for Participants

Call For Participation, DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 15

“Performance Architectures, Wearables & Gestures of Participation”

International Metabody Forum and Laboratory

Brunel University London / Antonin Artaud Performance Centre

Thursday, 7 April: Symposium 16:00 – 20:00

Friday and Saturday, April 8- 9, 2016

Call for submissions and enrolment in artistic–research workshop & symposium, followed by performances, exhibitions and screenings, and training classes in immersion performance

Please send abstracts (300 words plus bio) or proposals for installations, provocations, film, or performance, to
Johannes Birringer

The context for this international workshop, the fifth Artaud Forum held at Brunel Unversity, is the collaborative European project “Metabody” which works to redefine bodies in media, performance and design. Over the past few years, ‘Metabody’ has developed new architectures and immersive environments which behave like living organisms that have an auditory, visual, and tactile sensory quality, with subtly changing states and affordances, they can be worn and breathed, felt and imagined, transported and taken off.

We invite participants to join us and work with these concepts of integrative tactile experience, kinetic atmospheres, multiperspectival space, and unconscious perception.
‘Metabody’ counteracts dominant technologies and their prevalent tendency to negate differences by reducing bodies and movements to prescribed forms in current surveillance culture. ‘Metabody’ emphasizes openness, and indeterminacy of embodied expressions as a key factor for a sustainable society. This project also foregrounds the need for a new politics. The workshop & performance laboratory probes troubling interpretations of the increasing unrestrainment of capital, and capitalism’s impact on all social-economic, cultural, creative, and educational sectors in a shared developed world now expanded by massive migration and refugee movement. The sustainability of democracy is an urgent theme for all those in the performing arts/creative fields becoming intensely aware of the multiplication of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures, diasporas) and the tightening of our bodies into technological environments. This is a call for peripheral perception in existential experience.

Our theatre and studio spaces will be available for physical and conceptual workshop encounters over a period of three days (Thursday through Saturday, April 7-9), with prior lab and tech phases Monday through Wednesday, also possuibly icludng an e-stitch/textile workshop, followed by public performances, exhibitions, screenings, and urban situations on Friday and Saturday.

An enrollment fee s necessary to cover costs for technical arrangements. The fee for the three-day public event is £ 75 (£ 60 concession) for the whole, or £ 30 (£ 20 concession) per day.