Metabody Toulouse 2017

September 23  – Presentation of Metabody Toulouse and workshops

Ocotober 23-27 – Workshop RCO

December 16 & 17 – Workshop RCO

December 18 & 19 – Wholodance and RCO presentation

Centre Culturel Bellegarde

Hosting the WhoLoDancE European project

Meeting with scientific and artistic partners. Demonstrations – Installations – Workshops – micro Performances. Open to all audiences.

WhoLoDancE is an European funded project dealing with research and education in the fields of Dance and Technology. Its objective is to design an innovative tool for movement analysis, both for dance making and dance teaching.

Scientific partners: Motek (Amsterdam-Holland), InfoMus (Genoa) and Politecnico of Milano (Italy), Peachnote (Germany), Athena RC (Athens, Greece), University of Coventry (United Kingdom). Artistic partners: K. Danse (Toulouse, France), Instituto Stocos (Madrid, Spain), Lykeion Hellinidon (Athens, Greece).

Presentation of technological prototypes dedicated to the annotation and fine analysis of kinesthetic and qualitative aspects of movement in dance, the use of a similarity search software in order to identify similar patterns of movement, the blending of choreographic sequences taken from a large repertory of 3D high quality motion capture movements.

The user dialogues with a 3D avatar which allows him/her to apprehend the totality of his/her physical capacities, qualities of movement and the virtual space he/she is moving in. this project covers several dance genres: Ballet, contemporary dance, Flamenco and traditional Greek dances.

Featuring a prensentation of Metabody 2017 by Jaime del Val.

WhoLoDance _Toulouse_18-19 Décembre, 2017

in the context of Metabody_Toulouse 2017 – part of the METABODY FORUM 2017

  • Different Poles (Workshops)
    • Choreomorphy – Katerina/Athena Dec 18, 2-6 pm
    • Movement sketching and low-end VR experience + Similarity Search – InfoMus + Polimi Dec 18, 2-6 pm
    • Blending Machine – Motek/Polimi Dec 18, 2-6 pm
    • InfoMus + KDanse workshop demo Dec 18, 2-6 pm
    • Flamenco + technology – Rosa/Covuni + Library of movements/Annotator – Katerina/Athena Dec 19, 9-11 am
    • Greek Dance + technology – Amalia + Library of movements/Annotator Katerina/Athena Dec 19, 11 am-1 pm
    • Stocos + KDanse workshop demo Dec 19, 10am-1pm
  • Rencontre – Discussions publiques autour du projet WhoLoDancE avec tous les partenaires artistiques et scientifiques >> Auditorium (19 déc., 14h30-16h30)
  • Présentation du projet Metabody 2017 – Jaime del Val >> Salon Jaune (19 déc., 17h-18h)   Metabody 2017: Ecologies de la Neurodiversité dans le temps de l’Algoricène.  Neuroplasticité dans des environnements proprio/aloceptifs, transmodaux, non directionnels et multi sensoriels, Metatopia 4.0.
  • RCO, interactive choreographic performance – 18’30 – Auditorium  –  RCO is an interactive participatory dance performance, with variable scales, which unfolds according to the physical behavior of audience participation and their reactions instructed via their smartphones.
    Audiences, as they desire, trigger rules which they discover little by little.A unique choreography which adapts itself to the participants, the architectural spaces and the number of dancers-performers.

Venue: Centre Culturel Bellegarde, 17 Rue Bellegarde, 31000 Toulouse, France
General info: + 33 (0)5 62 27 44 88

Contacts: K. Danse +33 (0)611775456
Communication: Anouk Mignot +33(0)6648487641
Audiovisual & Multimédia Coordinator: Sabine Obadia
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