Metabody & Reverso & Jaime del Val at the/en el


Bejing – China National Convention Centre

13th – 20th August

An event with over 6.000 regstered participants and over 1.000 sessions!

Updated Online Programme:

PROGRAMME WCP BEIJING (pdf, not updated)

Activities by Metabody / Reverso / Jaime del Val // Actividades de Jaime del Val / Reverso / Metabody:

  • Tuesday 14th August 11’10 – Room 405
    • Round Table – Chaired by Jaime del Val, with Luciano Zubillaga, Peggy Reynolds, Yvonne Förster
    • Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene, Algoricene: Ontologies for the Big Data Era
  • Tuesday 14th August 4’10pm – Room 205B
    • Round Table with: Marc Johnson, Yasue Maetake, Thomas Steinbuch, Michael Steinmann, Jaime Del Val, Federico
      Vercellone, Luciano Zubillaga
    • Posthuman Aesthetics: Forecasts and Appraisals
  • Wednesday 15th August at 2’00pm – Room E241
    • Paper by Jaime del Val, Metabody Institute/Reverso:
    • Radical Movement Philosophy. A metahumanist ontology in the Algoricene –
  • Friday 17th August at 11’10 –  Room 205B
    • Workshop – Moderated by Jaime del Val, with Purushottama Bilimoria, Amy Chan, Yvonne Förster, Farzad Mahootain, James Mcbride, Peggy Reynolds, Debika Saha, Thomas Steinbuch, Yunus Tuncel, Jaime Del Val, Zhihong Wu
    • Genealogies of the Posthuman
  • Sunday 19th August at 9’00am – Room 407
    • Round Table – Chaired by Jaime del Val,with Francesca Ferrando, Yunus Tuncel, Yvonne Förster
    • Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Metahumanism: a comparative critical approach in the Big Data Era
  • Sunday  19th August 11’10 –  Room 407
    • Round Table – Chaired by Jaime del Val, with Thomas F. DeFrantz, Peggy Reynolds, Yvonne Förster
    • Movement and Body Philosophies: Contesting disembodiment and control in the Digital Era


With the support of the Spanish Embassy in China. / Con el apoyo de la Embajada de España en la R.P. China.




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