Metahuman/Metaformance Studies 2013

Programación detallada

24th July: 19:15- 21: Public Praxis session – Theory-Thinking in Motion – Intra-action through full body motion analysis – practical demonstrations by

Infomus – Antonio Camurri >>>VIDEO
TMA – Matthias Härtig & Johanna Roggan >>>VIDEO
Palindrome – Robert Wechsler >>>VIDEO

25th July:19:15- 21: Public Praxis session – Theory-Thinking in Motion – Sensors, sound and disseminated perceptions – practical demonstrations by

Palindrome – Robert Wechsler -.Including presentation byMarcello Lussana: MotionComposer: performing musical perception >>>VIDEO.
Steim – Marije Baalman >>>VIDEO
Kouros – Pablo Palacio & Muriel Romero >>>VIDEO

26th July: Arts and tékhnes of embodiment – sesión en inglés/ session in english

16’00-17’30: Panel 1
Citizen labs for collaborative prototyping – Marcos García – Medialab Prado >>>VIDEO
Cross-Fertilization between science and art: the Casa Paganini-InfoMus research centre – Antonio Camurri – Infomus>>>VIDEO
TECHNARTE, International Conference on Arts and Technology – Cristina de la Maza – Innovalia >>>VIDEO
MotionComposer: coherent mapping in movement-to-music interaction – Robert Wechsler – Palindrome >>>VIDEO

17’45-18’45: Panel 2
Danse with Technology, K. Danse and Metabody – Jean Marc Matos – K. Danse >>>VIDEO
The process of mapping in interactive performances – Marije Baalman – STEIM >>>VIDEO
Algorithmic connections between sound, body and light: looking for a common substrate – Pablo Palacio y Muriel Romero – Kouros >>>VIDEO

19’00-20’00: Panel 3
Audible and Inaudible Choreography -Ana Kuntzelman – DAP-Lab >>>VIDEO
Spiritual or passion-based bodily creation of Virtuality – Thomas Dumke – T.M.A.-Hellerau >>>VIDEO
Thinking about programming practices – Alberto Magno – Fabrica de Movimentos >>>VIDEO

22’30-23’30 – Street Performance – Antibodies of Surveillance – Exorzising Plato – Jaime del Val – Reverso –
Starting in Plaza de las Letras, continuing in the surroundings. >>>VIDEO

27th July: Technogenetic spirals and ontological critique – sesión en inglés/ session in english

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Emotions – Dr. Kevin LaGrandeur – New York Intitute of Technology >>>VIDEO
Anticipation and Securitization: Dance Video Games and Choreographies of Wartime – Dr. Harmony Bench – Ohio State University >>>VIDEO
Reflections on software and the originary technogenesis of the (post)human – Dr. Federica Frabetti – Oxford Brookes University >>>VIDEO
Ghosting the queer – Liana Borghi – Universitá di Firenze >>>VIDEO

12’30-13’00 – Introduction to METABODY. Embodiment and the reversal of cybernetics. 3.000 years of posthuman history. Ontologies of movement and the Panchoreographic. – Jaime del Val – Reverso >>>VIDEO

13’00-13’50 – The Lights Are On but Nobody’s Home: Re-envisioning the Role of Consciousness in Bio-Techno-Evolution – N. Katherine Hayles Duke University >>>VIDEO

13’50-14’30 – The Posthuman Revisited – Regaining the lost body of information – Quantified Self vs. Unquantifiable Others: Consciousness, Perception and the Militarization of Life in Affective Capitalism – N. Katherine Hayles in dialogue with Jaime del Val >>>VIDEO

Flesh of Time. Thinking Time as Materialized Structure – Dr. Yvonne Foerster-Beuthan – Leuphana Univ. Lüneburg>>>VIDEO
From Superman to Metafriend. Re-mapping human Mind in Media Age – Dr. Ralph Beuthan – Myongi Univ. Seul >>>VIDEO
Posthuman Locke: the Enlightened roots of the posthuman subject – Eva Botella-Ordinas – UAM >>>VIDEO

Music, cognitive enaction and social Metabody – Dr. Rubén Lopez-Cano – ESMUC >>>VIDEO
Alternative Set Theory and the Horizon of Emergence – Dr. Jan Romportl – University of West Bohemia >>>VIDEO
InfoMatters – Dr. Nimish Biloria – Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft >>>VIDEO

19’00-20’00 – Panel – Movements of Disturbance: Excess Ecology, Post-Digital Networks, and Queer Illegibility
An Ecosystem of Excess – Pinar Yoldas – Duke university >>>VIDEO
Queer Illegibility and the Facial Weaponization Suite – Zach Blas – Duke university >>>VIDEO

28th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Embodied Affects – session in Spanish/sesión en castellano

Retórica y sentimientos en el proceso de la revolución liberal española – Carlos Ferrera Cuesta – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – >>>VIDEO
Tareas Infinitas y tareas imposibles. Disposiciones corporales y afectivas en las formas de organización del trabajo contemporáneo – Carlos López Carrasco y Vicente Muñoz-Reja Alonso (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) >>>VIDEO
Seres desvanescentes, perspectivas del arte y la arquitectura en disolución – Carlos Tapia y Marta López Marcos – Universidad de Sevilla >>>VIDEO

30th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Affective Embodiments – sesión en inglés/ session in english

Somatic Recall: How Moving Bodies Harvest Spatiotemporal Experience – Jennifer LeMesurier – University of Washington>>>VIDEO
Wearable dynamics – Paola Tognazzi >>>VIDEO
Metabody Iconography: Alien phenomenologies and Object-Oriented Art – Steven Hammer – North Dakota State University>>>VIDEO
Material-discursive articulations of the bio: theorising biomedia and biomediation – Ben Craggs – Goldsmiths University London >>>VIDEO

31th July: 18’30 – 21’00 – Bodynet Call for Projects – Presentations – sesión en inglés/castellano

SXK [Turing Test] – Quimera Rosa – Cecilia Puglia & Yan Reyes >>>VIDEO
Weaving the web: from virtual to reality and back. Perpetuus, Paula Pin, R+, Spideralex. >>>VIDEO
Kinetik Body Mesh – Beka Iglesias >>>VIDEO
Postgender Biomechatronic Machines – Claudia Ossandon >>>VIDEO
Corporeal Narrative Gaming – Martin Reiche >>>VIDEO