Microsexes and  Metabodies / Post-intimacy, alien couplings and emergent tactilities

How to reinvent tactile interface and touch itself creatively, not merely trying to measure or map a given tactile activity but radically reinventing how touch can happen or be experienced. How does this approach to touch challenge intimacy, gender and sex, race and class but also the western tradition of visual rationalisation, and the culture of hypercontrol? How far is reinventing touch crucial for a sustainable culture especially in a moment in which tactility is being captured in predictive big data Networks through billions of sensors that are part of a planetary metabody, a hypercyborg? In an era where according to Mark Zuckerberg privacy doesn’t exist, how to regain the indeterminate as movement not subjected to control, a haptic body of close encounters in the frontier of the legible?

Microsexes and  Metabodies.

22-24 July in Xplore festival

Two talks, 1 performance, 1 workshop e


Post-intimacy: alien couplings and emergent tactilities.

25-31 July at Spektrum

Performances, workshops, conference, residency


22-24 July at X-plore Festival

at Alte Boerse Marhzahn
Workshop: 22nd July 18’00-19’30 – Börsensaal

MICROSEXES – Alien Couplings

Lecture: 23st July 16’00-17’30 – Kutchersaal   &  24th july 11’00-12’30 – Kutchersaal

METABODY – Posthuman aborigenals, postqueer technoshamans and microsex workers. Defying the infrastructural imperialism of the Quantifed Body in the Big Data Era.

Performance/Metaformance: 24th 16’00-17’30 – Börsensaal



25-31 July at Spektrum Festival

hosting the  International Metabody Forum 2016 Berlin

Post-intimacy: alien couplings and emergent tactilities.



Laboratory of research with Marcello Lussana and Jonathan Reus into applications of the Metabody project in diverse areas and the production, creation and presentation of new versions of the METATOPIA interactive/intra-active, performative/metaformative participatory environments outdoors or indoors. In Berlin we will focus on  development of tactile interfaces for intimate metaformance encounters that question established notions of sex, gender and intimacy.

  • Metabody workshop by Jaime del Val – 4-day workshop from 25 to 28th of July – 14:00 – 18:00 each day
  • Performing Sensory Cartographies Workshop by Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn – 30 July, 10:00 – 18:00 
Performances and Metaformances

26th July at 20’30

Distant Feeling(s) – Annie Abrahams and Land Project

BadaBodyPaint – Badaboom Berlin

27th July at 20’30

Pulse – Julian Bonequi

The Unbinding – Lauren Moffatt

28th July  at 20’30

Hoodie Escape – Mika Satomi and Clemens Pichler

Last-minute Failure -Marcello Lussana, Rebekka E. Böhme, Clara Gracia

29 July at 20’30

METATOPIA  – Jaime del Val

  1. Amorphogenesis
  2. Microsexes

30.07 at 20’30

Sensory Cartographies –  Jonathan Reus-Brodsky and Sissel Marie Tonn

Corpus Nil – Marco Donnaruma


31st July – 4pm to 8pm

  • Desiree Förster
  • Susanna Hertrich
  • Lucia Mendelova, PhD.
  • Nuno de la Serna
  • Jaime del Val