MANIFESTO:     What is the IMF? Behind this ironic reappropriction of the IMF acronym hides a radical esthetico-polical proposal. The International Metabody Forum is neither an assembly nor a parliament, but a nomadic chorus of dancing, moving bodies that spread disalignments from normative and control regimes, accross borderscapes, proposing alternate ecologies for more plastic cultures, opening the scope of discourse-centric practices to a radical movement philosophy-politics. The forum events bring together research, creation, production, dissemination, education and activism in new anti-curatorial transdisciplinary processes, creating events accross countries, normative and border situations.

The International Metabody Forum is the platform of the Metabody project, a space of creation, meeting, exchange, research, education, dissemination and awareness generation, that takes place every year in multiple countries proposing a novel transdisciplinary format across the arts, technosciences, humanities and the social. The forum includes continuous research and developments, workshops, talks, symposiums and conferences, performances and installations, always focusing on diverse themes and developing in every city new versions of the intra-active Metatopia environments.

IMF seeks to redefine the role of the body in contemporary media culture, highlighting the importance of embodied expressions for cultural diversity, analysing the embodied material nature of information and the way media structure perception and social organisations, promoting the possibility to actively redefine such structures (ontohacking) through developing intra-/interactive environments that foster embodiment and indeterminacy, empowering citizens to  recuperate public space and the body as creative modes of resistance to the ways in which current media tend to invade or erase these transforming them into control spaces.

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Current edition: 2023

Previous editions: 2022 – 2021 – 20202019201820172016201520142013

Main aspects

Introduction to the Metabody Project.