IMF 2016 proposes to take the issues advanced in previous years further by reflecting and giving a creative response to the way Big Data technologies may violate fundamental rights and freedoms. For this 11 open calls for participation are proposed in 12 countries and 14 cities.

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 IMF 2016, with the theme Metatopia/Metagaming: New creative horizons, Intra-action and the Wars of Indeterminacy and Control, proposes to give creative response to control technologies in the Big Data era by elaborating on the notion of metagaming and metatopia. Metagaming is a concept of interactive multisensory platforms across the physical ad digital for outdoors and indoors involving full body interaction, non-goal oriented activity, non-quantifiable and non-competitive play, favoring indeterminacy and diversification of gestural interactions to perform in any daily situation. Metatopia is the plural indeterminate space of metagaming, not a utopia but an indeterminate  playground that bodies may activate in any circumstance, infusing openness into any given situation. Intra-action is a notion (proposed by Karen Barad) that implies a deeper relation than interaction, sine the whole environment emerges from the gestures of interaction and modifies the interaction gestures in return, so that there is no preexisting environment no interactor.

IMF 2016 proposes a new phase of development of works, platforms, tools, techniques, technologies, interfaces, wearables, portable architectures, interactive environments and prototypes of the METABODY project, with new site specific developments of the Metatopia environments in the 14 venues of the Forum. For this open calls of participation are done in interaction with local and international participants and institutions.

The International METABODY Forum – IMF – has consolidated as pioneering international space, growing in 2016 with 11 iterations in 12 countries and 14 cities, consolidating and expanding the established network of nodes of the Metabody Project.

  • 11 open international calls for conferences and symposiums
  • 11 open international calls for workshops and productions
  • 11 new site-specific versions of and developments of the METATOPIA environments
  • 11 new media ethics studies reflected in one or several publications

Annual theme and development phases:


New creative horizons, Intra-action and the Wars of Indeterminacy and Control 

  1. London – 4-10 April – Brunel University – Conference, workshops, performances. – Performance Architectures, Wearables & Gestures of Participation.
  2. Amsterdam – 13-17 April – STEIM – Workshop-Residency of development of embedded motors for the mobile architectures and public presentation.
  3. Manizales, Colombia  –  9-13 May – Conference, workshops, performances. Ecologies of Perception
  4. Madrid – 23-30 May & 4-9 July – UCM – Conference, workshop, performances, urban interventions. Posthuman Studies and Technologies of Control.
  5. Mexico D.F. – 20-24 June – UNAM – Seminar, workshop, performances, urban interventions. Towards an open ecology: disaligning violence.
  6. Berlín – 22-31 July – Xplore, Spektrum – Conference, workshop, performances, urban interventions. Microsexes and Post-intimacy, alien couplings and emergent tactilities.
  7. Brasilia, São Paulo & São Carlos- 11-23 September – Universidade de Brasília, Universidade de São Paulo, Festival Contato Multimidia Colaborativo, Redbull Station – Conference, workshop, performances. Mobile Architectures.
  8. Toulouse – 26 – 30 September – Conference, workshop, performances, urban interventions. Metaformance-Metagaming.
  9. Buenos Aires & Montevideo– 8-15 November – Conference, workshop, performances – UNTREF – Intercambios Transorgánicos – Metatherapies: expanded bodies, dynamic spaces and plural ecologies.
  10. Valparaiso – 20-25 November – Conference, workshop, performances, urban interventions. Indeterminate Architectures and Control Architectures.  
  11. Lima – 9-14 December – Conference, workshop, performances. Open Bodies and Ontohacking strategies