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Ecologies of Indeterminacy in the Big Data Era.

In a world dominated by digital and algorithmic technologies that attempt to reduce all our movements to calculable patterns, ¿how to mobilise, highlight ad experiment with other technolgies and ecologies, other modes of social and perceptual organization that favour plurality and indeterminacy? The International Metabody Forum IMF 2017 will elaborate the concept of Algoricene, as way of analysing the planetary impact of digital and algorithmic culture and will inquire into ways of mobilising a corporeality (a dance accross the full spektrum of reality and the social) that defies the predominant reduction of bodies to calculable patterns in Big Data culture, thus proposing not only novel engagements of artistic practices, theory and technology with the social but a new kind of politics.



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The International Metabody Forum IMF 2017 expands and consolidates the developments and networks of previous years, including the Multiplicity University / Metaformance Studies, with a transversal theme elaborating the concept of Algoricene, proposing to think through the earthly processes of transformation in relation to old and new algorithmic constructs, and beyond them. Algoricene is a concept and Metabody sub-project that proposes to study how since ancient times there have been formations that we could name algorithmic, such as urban grids in Greece, or the birth of perspectival vision, while we currently assist to an explosion of algorithmic systems that is radically altering the world and generating new ontologies which are yet to be accounted for. Algoricene is a complementary proposal to Anthropocene, Capitalocene and Chthulucene for deepening into the ontologies of earthly processes of transformation. Algoricene problematises the materiality of algorithmic technologies and proposes new ways of understanding and dealing with control society today. IMF 2017 will organise talks, symposiums, conferences and publications around this topic and aims at the establishment of sustained nodes and research groups of the Multiplicity University. Ontoethics will also be a major focus of the studies, as a framework that expands current bio-ethic and media-ethics into the larger implications of the perceptual structures of technologies and their ontological force, their power to structure reality.

IMF 2017 will strenghthen the Ontohacklabs/Metamedialabs through a new research line dedicated to highlighting minoritarian perceptual ecologies, alternatives to the model of visual rationalisation stemming from Renaissance perspective and sustaining control society today. Working with indigenous peoples form Peru, refugees from Lesvos, people living in confinement in prisons of Latinamerica, the process will focus both on highlighting existing alternate ecologies and on experimenting with new ones, like in the case of people living in confinement (prisoners): how can they expand their experience of space-time through techniques focusing on micromovement? Also the Metatherapies line will be consolidated, working with neurodiverse people to enact therapeutic practices that rather than normalising the individual, afford environments where both neurodiverse and neurotypical people may project new cognitive capacities, enhacing plasticity and indeterminacy. How can a neurotypical adult regain or aquire the cognitive plascitiy of the child/autistic, how can the neurodiverse person project his/her worlds into a landscape of amorphous, undefined affordances? How can new education models and perceptual architectures be enacted through which learning processes in children also favour greater cognitive plasticity? IMF 2017 aims at consolidating a sustained network of Metamedialabs, as citizen labs of critical experimentation that may face the new challenges of control society, for plural and contestable futures.

The Forum will continue with a new phase of Metatopia 4.0, the intra-active metagaming and metaformance environments across the physical and digital, for urban and indoors spaces, exploring new flexinamics building techniques, habitable spaces, new technical developments with embedded systems, micromotors, tactile interfaces, softspeakers, robotics, VR, AI, new artistic developments and metaformance formats of audience involvement, therapeutic applications, co-creation environments with neurodiverse people, refugees, indigenous people, prisoners, and other communities, itinerating in rural areas as well as cities.

Like in preceding years specific subthemes will be elaborated in each city and country, expanding the processes from previous years into deeper, more sustained collaborations and processes, giving consistency and sustainability to the networks with the ongoing articulation of Forum nodes, through research groups of the Multiplicity University, Metamedialabs, and Metatopia cocreation processes in the different countries.


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Forthcoming: the publication of the agenda of forums taking place in:  UK, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, ITALY,  SPAIN, GREECE, ARGENTINA, amongst others.

Hosting/Participating in Forum Events: The Forum can be a standalone activity or a satellite to larger events, it can be a small event or a large one, or can be spread in various sustained activities thorughout the year. If you wish to host a forum or research group, or participate as individual or institution in any of the activities, please contact us, including “Forum” in the headline:


Subproject/transversal theme:


  • Metaformance Studies / Mutiplicity UniversityAlgoricene: ontology, genealogy, aesthetics and politics of algorithmic life, from ancient times to Big Data.
    • Conferences, symposiums, talks, seminars, research groups, publications, policies
    • Research in Ontoethics and Ontoecology.
  • Metamedialab / Ontohacklab Minoritarian perceptual ecologies in the Algoricene.
    • Workshops
    • Intra-action, metaformance, metagaming design
    • Practical research on minoritarian perceptual ecologies, in collaboration with:
      • indigenous communities in Latinamerica (Shipibo Konibo in Perú amongst others)
      • refugees in Lesvos, and other people living nomadic and/or precarious lives
      • persons living in confinement in prisons in Latinamerica
    • Metatherapies – Neurodiverse ecologies in the Algoricene:
      • work with neurodiverse (as well as neurotypical) people, in collaboration with in Argentina, Madrid and UK
  • Metatopia 4.0 / Metabody Environments Metaformance/Metagaming/Intra-activity: Indeterminate ecologies in the Algoricene:
    • further development of flexinamics building techniques, livable spaces,
    • further development of embedded systems, robotics, micromotors, piezoelectric speakers, tactile interfaces, etc.
    • further artistic developments and new metaformance formats,
    • therapeutic application for neurodiversity
    • cocreation processes with refugees, indigenous communities, prisoners.
    • further development of Metagaming design, intra-action, Non Representational VR, Non Representational AI.
    • Itinerancy in rural areas
    • exploration of metanarratives, metamedia opera, metaedia cinema and metamedia music.