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Body Intelligence, Neuroplasticity and Neurodiverse Futures in the Algoricene.

A singularity is an event that creates its own physical or space-time laws, impossible to know outside of it, such as the Big Bang or a black hole. Currently some of the largest corporations on the planet promote the idea that the current technological acceleration of digital culture advances towards a technological singularity, associated with the emergence of an artificial superintelligence, a will to digitize and and subject the world to total control, and a new mode of government carried out by increasingly autonomous algorithmic systems, which surpasses neoliberalism and increases its inequalities.
The theory of Algoricene, as era of algorithmic formations * speaks about a long historical process of impoverishment of the multisensory experience of the body, which has allowed movement to become calculable, algorithmic. Renaissance perspective culminated the articulation of a geometric, calculable and algorithmic way of perceiving and moving, thereby reducing our worlds of interactions more and more to calculable geometries. Current digital interfaces, Smartphones and selfies are direct heirs of the Renaissance perspective and guide our movements in ever smaller, unconscious, dynamic, ubiquitous and continuous ways.
The Metabody 2018 Forum proposes that in response to the technological singularity associated with control, which is based on impoverishing and directing corporeal experience, it is necessary to value and explore modes of movement, perception, body and relationship that are more complex, open and indeterminate, that create less geometric and calculable worlds of relations, open and plural ecologies, “minor ecologies” (which are not imposed on others), but at the same time singular, and resistant to the domain of digital capture, like parallel but open multiverses within our daily experience: micro-singularities.
It is about creating conditions for a neurodiverse culture: one in which not one single mode of perception, reason and movement is imposed, but in which multiple modes of perception and relationality proliferate, in which diverse bodies in their kinetic-cognitive qualities (bodies that are considered disabled or deviant by the current culture) can project and elaborate their diverse but open worlds. It is, in the age of digital natives, to understand that we are all primarily bodily natives, and to create tools to explore the complexity of a body that has the potential to resist digital control through the complex indeterminacy of its movement. It’s about promoting an anti-smart BI (Body Intelligence), conunteracting the onset of reductive models of mental and artificial Intelligence (AI) and of the smart culture of control that is based on the reduction of experience to calculable affordances.

* See and also: Del Val, J., 2017. Ontohacking. Ontoecological politics in the Algoricene. – en LEONARDO JOURNAL – special issue on BunB Conference
** An algorithm is a step-by-step sequence of commands, functions, actions or movements that can be codified.

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Forum Hosts:

  • La Térmica, Málaga
  • iii, la Haya
  • V2 Rotterdam
  • MACAO – Milán
  • Leuphana Universität Lüneburg , Alemania
  • University of Lower Silesia, Wrozlaw, Polonia
  • Universidad de Pekín
  • Centrod de la Imagen, Ciudad de México
  • MUAC – Museo de arte Contemporaneo de la UNAM, Ciudad de México
  • ILSB – Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir, Ciudad de México
  • CCBorder, Ciudad de México
  • Medialab Prado, madrid
  • UAM, Madrid
  • Ateneo de Madrid
  • Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruiperez, Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Salamanca
  • Ayuntamientos de Zorita, Alaraz, Cantaracillo y Peñaranda


  1. January 22nd: Madrid – SPAIN – Conference at UAM – ESPACIO E INVESTIGACIÓN SONORA (ECIS-CSIPM)
  2. March 4th: The Hague – THE NETHERLANDS
  3. March 12-16: Málaga – SPAIN
  4. 27-28 April – Milan – ITALY
  5. 15-16 June – Lüneburg – GERMANY
  6. 9-15 July – Madrid – SPAIN – Medialab Prado
  7. 18-21 July – Wrozlav – POLAND
  8. 1-30 August – Rural areas of Salamanca – Barraca of the XXst Century
  9. 13- 19 August – Beijing – CHINA
  10. 1-13  – CDMX – MEXICO
  11. 20 September: Conference in Rotterdam gs
  12. 1-14 October: The Hague, The Netheralds
  13. 19 October: Conference in Transvisión in Madrid
  14. October-December –  Toulouse – FRANCE


  1. Research – Institute & Multiversity
  1. Creation – Studio & METATOPIA 5.0

  1. Action – MetamediaLab & Ontohacklab


Metabody in the AMAZON! – The Forum strengthens and expands work with other communities, as was done in 2017 with the refugees in Lesvos, this time with indigenous communities in the Amazon, in an exchange and enhancement of different perceptual, artistic and bodily practices different from those inherited from the European and colonial tradition; and develops activities with sexual minorities in Milan and Mexico.

New Research projects: Development of a research project on Neuroplasticity in the Algoricene started in December 2017 in collaboration with the University of Valladolid and ESMUC Barcelona. New project of research-creation Panacoustic and Postsong: on architectures of affective control through commercial music, its roots in the humanist tradition, and new practices in expanded song and posthuman vocality as forms of contestation. New research-creation project: Body natives: on the body condition in the era of digital natives, associated with a new European network.

Neurodiversity: Consolidates and expands research and work with neurodivere people,  in collaboration with entities associated with disability and organization of workshops and consultations in the Studio in Madrid and the Salamanca Center.

Networks: Expands collaborations with several entities in, Germany, Poland, Madrid, Beijing, The Hague, Mexico, Peru.

  • Reverso Coorganizes in the framework of the Forum Metabody the 10th conference “Beyond Humanism” in Poland and develops an event on philosophy of the body in movement (embodied and movement philosophy), at the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing, as well as courses and seminars and conferences in Germany, Poland, Madrid, Beijing, The Hague, Mexico, Peru.
  • Reverso organizes the activity of the new interuniversity network Meta-architectures, of emerging spatial ontologies, created in December 2017.

Multiversity: Multiplicity University and the Metaformace Studies Programme expands on new lines of research and launches the new Reverso/Metabody Journal, the coming together of the Reverso Journal and The Netabody Journal.

New Subprojects:

  1. Neuroplastic Ecologies
    • Antismart Architectures in the Algoricene
  2. Neurodiverse Futures
    • Perceptual Democracy in the Algoricene
  3. Minor Ecologies
    • Metacultural Diversity in the Algoricene
  4. Ontoethical Cultures and Contestable Futures
    • Multiversity of Multiplicities in the Singularity Era
    • Big Data Watch – Ontoethics of Algorithms

Metatopia Studio:

  • New studio of performative, wearable and dynamic meta-architecture, intra-active experiential metadesign, metaformance, metagaming, flexinamics, open perceptual ecologies and neuroplastic environments in the Algoricene.
  • Develops 8 new versions of the Metatopia 5.0 environments with focus on suspended and hanging structures that create new relational spaces in the city.
  • Expands the co-creation processes with communitiesdeveloped in 2017 with refugees in Lesvos.
  • Develops a one-month creation residency in the Netherlands and co-creation processes in Germany, Poland, Madrid, Beijing, Salamanca, The Hague, Mexico, Peru.
  • Expands with it its strategies aimed at new audiences and forms of involvement of these in co-creation processes, with a focus on the qualitative aspects of public involvement.

Tours in Rural Areas: Expands the activities in the rural area with the Barraca del Siglo XXI started in 2017 and the new rural Center in Zorita de la Frontera, a town in the province of Salamanca where workshops, public presentations, research and production projects will be held.
New Centre and Studio/consulation: At the same time, in relation to the start of a Study in Madrid and a Salamanca Center, new transversal lines are being developed:

  • Production and co-creation workshops
  • Consultations, immersive experiences, metatherapies
  • Research

Metabody Institute

  • Consultancy on Ontoethics, Ontoecology and Contestable Futures in the Big Data era.
  • Project coordination and promotion Consultancy.

Performative self-help groups and activism: Indeterminators, Cartesiholic Anonymous and Singularities Church (Occupy 2.0 and Ontostrykes)


With the support of INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture) and the Region of Madrid:


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