Microsexes – 4 workshops – 2 modules

Microsex (and Superslowsex) Part 1: Endosex – proprioception and the sense of internal movement – alien couplings with yourself (becoming other) and the surroundings

There is a sense few people know about but which is the most important one: proprioception, the sense of internal movement of a body, coming from elongation sensors in the muscles and tendons. The workshop proposes a deep listening into this sense, as it becomes a swarm of microperceptions mobilising the body in excess of the rational subject. The microcaress of clothes, floor or furniture, grass or tree, as one moves in superslow motion, become part of a swarm of microperceptions. Microsex is a mode of sex that exceeds all genital reduction, all repetitive choreography, and which mobilises molecular multisensory perceptions integrated into the moving body as it discovers new movements. Endless torsions within torsions, hidden dimensions of the body-movement become sex as capacity to compose oneself in transformative ways with the surroundings. Alien couplings with chairs, floors, trees, become infinite landscapes of perceptual experimenation for new compositions, couplings, sexes, in excess of any form, where every new composition and perception is a new mode of sex. A technique for becoming-with based on micromovement and subtle perceptions that can be extrapolated to any life situation, including microsexwork and public microsex, for new kinds of open intimacy in the era of digital control, where opaque algorithms in our smartphones try to orient our behaviours.

Microsex (and Superslowsex) Part 2: Alien Entanglements – sexpanding your internal bodily micromotions to create emergent fields (metabodies) with others

This second part of the microsexes workshops takes the excercises with propricioception (sense of internal movement) from the first part to an in depth exploration of alien entanglements with others, avoiding any established mode of contact, exploring multisensory integration in a superslow movement, like a cloud or slow moving swarm. Emergent tactilities are discovered that mobilise proprioception exploring how movement emerges in the contact with the others, in subtle listening, avoiding any known trajectories or impositions, and discovering how the “other” becomes part of your propriocpetion, of your internal bodily motion, which is both your deepest sense of self, and an open and diffuse field in perpetual recomposition with others. Microsexes are also microafective and microdesiring: illegible micro-emotions are mobilised in excess of established possesive alignments, awakening our deepet memories of uterus, cocoons or bacterial originins in precambric oceans, while desire disseminates, positively disorienting, in an infinite landscape of amorphous affordances.

Jaime del Val (Madrid 1974) is transdisciplinary media artist, philosopher, activist, promotor of the Metabody Project, Forum and Institute, and the non profit organisation Reverso. Since 2000 Jaime develops transdisciplinary projects in the transvergence of arts (dance, performance, architecture, visual and media arts, music), technologies, critical theory and activism. Jaime’s projects propose redefinitions of embodiment, perception and public space that challenge contemporary control society as well as normative conceptions of affect, sex, gender and ability, and have been presented with over 100 performances and installations in over 50 cities of 25 countries, across Europe, North and South America Asia as well as Asia and Africa, mostly under the collective REVERSO.

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