Movement R/evolutions: Reinventing the body in times of the Pandemic

We already had a society of immobile bodies clicking on screens, the pandemic seems to be taking this to a new radical level where many supposed freedoms of movement and relation might vanish. Regaining the body, movement, proprioceptions and all senses in times of confinement seems like an urgent task. We will propose subtle ways of doing so even as we are confined. How to regain movement and the body in times of confinement? This implies also reinventing, ontohacking  them! 

We are starting -for now online- with:
  • Online Events:
    1. Posthuman Forum online – New York and global –
      1. SESSION 1 – 30th May 2020
    2. Filosofía (anti)Viral – ¿Es posible la crítica en tiempos de Pandemia? – cicle of online debates
      1. SESSION 1 – 10 June 2020 –
    3. 1st Beyond Humanism Forum–  1-4 July 2020 – online (Beyond Humanism Conference postponed to 2021)

More will be announced later in the year in relation to the Metabody Forum activities, as well as the Beyond Humanism Conference in Greece and the project The Posthuman in Translation, Transduction and Intra-action in China.

  • We also invite contributions in relation to the 10th anniversary of the Metahumanist Manifesto: texts, online workshops, online performances or other initiatives welcome! If interested please write to
Check also the video channel – Posthumans go Viral 
More soon!

Rethink… Research… Respond… Reinvent…

This year’s METABODY forum will focus on the pandemic at two levels:

As active response to it Metabody can offer a wide range of tools for:

  1. enriching our lives during enclosure and ever after through propricoeption
  2. fighting immobility and its dreadful consequences for physical, mental or emotional health and relations
  3. relying less on digital suirveillance technologes and be less subject to them
  4. reconnecting (with) body and world, towards a new sensibility

As active adaptation to the situation of confinement and global quarantine, we have to opt for provisional online formats, linking always to bodies and local networks.

  1. Online talks and workshops and performances – coaching
  2. writing/publications, archives and recordings, (photo, film, dance, music, performance…)
  3. research and networks – ONLINE EVENTS:
    1. University of Valladolid and ESMUC Barcelona,
    2. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filosofía
      1. Filosofía (anti)Viral – ¿Es posible la crítica en tiempos de Pandemia? – ciclo debates online
      2. Curso Verano Complutense
    3. China, Xian Jiatong-Liverpool University  – The Posthuman in Translation – proyecto a tres años por Jaime del Val y Luciano Zubillaga
    4. Beyond Humanism Conference – Lesbos – online (physical event postponed to 2021)
    5. Metabody Toulouse 202o,
    6. Posthuman Forum online – New York and global – 30th May 2020
    7. TMA – Dresden
    8. Rijswijk Refugee Camp – Vrolijkheid association – The Hague
    9. Plena Inclusión y Medialab Prado, Madrid
    10. Argentina – Cátedra libre de Educación y Mediación Digital en Danza Performance – Universidad Nacional de La Plata  – Directora: Dra. Alejandra Ceriani
  4. toolkit development for Metabody systems (software, hardware, building of structures, and of course the movement techniques)
  5. getting ready for potential physical gatherings and events planned in China, Lesbos, Holland, Toulouse, Madrid, Salamanca…
  6. and online networking in the meantime