Cartesiholic Anonymous / Church of Singularity / Mutant bitches – Occupy 2.0

Do you want to become an Indeterminator? In this metagame it’s about becoming an antivirus of gestural contagion, infusing indeterminacy in dominant ecologies of hypercontrol.

Indeterminators have several modalities amongst which:

  • Cartesiholic Anonymous is a group that aims to heal from the cognitive-perceptual dependence from and addiction to Cartesian conceptions of the world as made of ontologically pslit subjects and objects in a measurable homogeneous space-time.
  • Church of Singularity is aperformtiva group that praises the goodness of the religion of singularity and its promises of individual immortality and total cosmic control.
  • Mutant Bitches is an assembly promoting an Occupy 2.0 movement dealing with Ontostrykes: going on stryke of form, anatomy, extensive space, subject-object dualisms (and all its related dualisms), perspectival vision, sensory hierarchies, fixity, acceleration, sex-gender dualisms, universal emotions, etc.

How?…  Meta-/per-forming any of these:

Contact us for taking part in the Cartesiholic Anonimous groups, in the actions in streets, online or in homes, in experiences, as one to one metaformaces, in workshops or in productions: metabody [@]