The METABODY project issues its 1st printed publication:

METABODY Journal of Metacultural Critique nº1

PDF of the printed version

Including a 100 pages A4 journal with brief contributions from coorganisers and associates who have been participating in the Metabody forums so far, including numerous full color images, as well as a DVD of the 2014 forum.

Authors include:
N. Katherine Hayles, Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Kas Oosterhuis / Hyperbody, DAP-Lab – Johannes Birringer and Michele Danjoux, Federica Frabetti, Yvonne Förster, Eva Botella Ordinas, Oscar Quejido and Laura Rodriguez, Kevin LaGrandeur, Ralf Beuthan, Beatriz Pichel, Rubén López Cano, Alicia Peñalba, María-José Valles, Elena Partesotti, Rosario Castañón, María Ángeles Sevillano, Brisa MP, Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio, Muriel Romero, Marije Baalman, Lisa Wymore, K. Danse, Robert Wechsler, Marcello Lussana, Casa Paganini- InfoMus research Centre, Jaime del Val.

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del Val, Jaime, Ed. Multiplicities in motion. Open source bodies-spaces. METABODY Journal of Metacultural Critique nº1. IMF – Metaformance Studies 2013-14. Edition: METABODY Project – Asociación Transdisciplinar Reverso. Madrid 2015.

ISSN 2387-2047

Depósito Legal: M-11081-2015

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  • Preface of the editor/Prefacio del editor.
  • Metabody Manifesto 1.0 For an embodied, differential media ethics in global surveillance culture.
  • Toward a Process Seed Bank: What Research-Creation Can Do.
    ·Erin Manning and Brian Massumi.
  • The Project: Nonconscious Cognition in Techno-Human Systems.
    ·N. Katherine Hayles.
  • Reflections on Metabody,
    Software and the Originary Technogenesis of the (Post)human.
    ·Federica Frabetti.
  • Metacoming Dualities.
    ·Stefan Lorenz Sorgner.
  • Ontokinethics: Ontopolitics of Becoming in Affective Hypercapital.
    ·Jaime del Val.
  • Conceptual Dimensions of Embodiment.
    ·Yvonne Förster.
  • History of the invention and performativity of reason, emotions and data.
    ·Eva Botella Ordinas.
  • Movement, gesture and truth. Art as countermovement in Nietzsche’s thought.
    ·Oscar Quejido and Laura Rodriguez.
  • Redefining the integration of bodies, spaces, and intelligent systems.
    ·Kevin LaGrandeur.
  • “Metabody: New Environments and Networks for Sustainable Cultural Diversity“ A short plea for refocussing the question of freedom.
    ·Ralf Beuthan.
  • From Facial Expressions to Bodily Gestures.
    ·Beatriz Pichel.
  • The affordances of music.
    ·Rubén López Cano.
  • Gesturality and technology: restricting or expanding?
    ·Alicia Peñalba, María-José Valles, Elena Partesotti, Rosario Castañón, María Ángeles Sevillano.
  • Paths and processes (art, technology).
    ·Brisa MP.
  • Metabody proactive playing field.
    ·Kas Oosterhuis / Hyperbody.
  • Atmospheres of Chorographic Design.
    ·DAP-Lab – Johannes Birringer and Michele Danjoux.
  • Phantom Limb – Hybrid Embodiments for Dance.
    ·Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio, Muriel Romero.
  • Making interactive media environments relevant to the participating visitor.
    ·Marije Baalman.
  • Response to Metabody Residency at STEIM.
    ·Lisa Wymore.
  • First Metabody study work by K. Danse: the “Monster” prototype.
    ·K. Danse.
  • Interactive Art Question.
    ·Robert Wechsler.
  • Music of Perception.
    ·Marcello Lussana.
  • Research themes relevant for MetaBody.
    ·Casa Paganini- InfoMus research Centre.
  • A Metahumanist Manifesto / Un Manifiesto Metahumanista.
    ·Jaime del Val and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner.
  • Introductions to METABODY and the IMF – Introducciones METABODY y al Foro Metabody