Metabody Experiences

Join me at sunset in the terrace of the METABODY/REVERSO studio with the most awasome views over the old centre of the city, where I invite you to a drink while I explain the development of the session. We start with a brief workshop to become aware of the senses and get ready for the core actvity in which, through sensors on the body and your movement you will be able to create images and sounds in a immersive interactive system designed by me, projected on translucent screens with the view of the city behind. You will enjoy a unique inetactive art experience  to gain a new connection with your body and the city: a game of disconnetion from daily alignments and of reconnection with the senses, the body and the environment. Through subtle movements and media which are analogous to virtual reality, you will do a kind of dynamic meditation that will allow you to develop new sensory capacities and discover the power of your movement. The experience is outdoors but if weather conditions are not favourable it can also happen inside my artist studio. We end with a relaxed conversation about the experience, accompanied by drinks. I also offer you a photographic report of your experience made by me.


_1160251p111I am a multidisciplinary media artist and philosopher. For over 15 years I have been creating and presenting worldwide interactive media-art environments and performances and promoting large EU projects on this topic such as “Metabody”.  In my work I often create experiential art raising awareness of the body, public space and critical use of technology. Here I combine my diverse knowledges with a unique location to offer an equally unique and transformative experience that will leave no one untouched. I speak fluently Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.


39 euros per person – Maximum 7 people per day, all toegther, starting at sunset, time varies depending on time of year.  For more information contact us at: