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1st Liveable Futures Report

and Lawsuit at the ECtHR against the 46 states of the ECHR


METABODY Institute is a non-profit organisation created in 2017 as continuation for the Metabody EU project, and has amongst its ends to promote transdisciplinary practices in critical theory, activism, technics, and the arts  which promote new possibilities for liveable futures and plural worlds for all life forms. The Institute promotes creative and critical responses to the current global crises, erasure of diversity and dystopian control. The Institute proposes to reinvent all dominant human ways of living regaining a richer  corporeality, highlighting plurality and defying control in the age of algorithms, while promoting symbiosis and regeneration of the planet in the age of Extinctions. Metabody endorses the metahumanist proposal and its new manifesto.

Metabody is a concept by philosopher-activist-artist Jaym del Val to conceptualise the interrelatedness of all life on Earth and the need to defend it in its totality, redefining the ontological frameworks of legal systems. Metabody is a concept that reconceptualises everything that we have considered as a separate entity instead as field of symbiotic relations in ongoing variation or mutation. The world is made of metabodies: fields-processes of symbiotic mutation, of relational variation, of entangled fluctuation, thus intrinsically open. Every single body is already a metabody, and is entangled with other metabodies, some of them planetary or even cosmic, like the biosphere. Variation, richness and indeterminacy of movement and perception are key to evolution as diversification of metabodies in the biosphere. Reduction and dominion instead need to be counteracted.

There is no human health and life without  that of the other life forms, like there is no human freedom and dignity without that of the other life forms.


Article 3. The METABODY Institute emerges in 2017 as a measure of sustainability of the European project Metabody, whose period of European funding ends in 2016 and during that year has continued to carry out forums, creation and research projects and consolidating and expanding its networks. Thus, after one year from the end of the European funding period, it is appropriate to consolidate the sustainability of the project with the creation of an ad hoc Institute that will be responsible for giving continuity to the proposals.
Consequently, the purpose of this association is:
1º In line with Metabody (its initial proposals and its evolution), the Institute will promote theoretical, artistic, technological, scientific, ethical, ecological, activism, transdisciplinary social and cultural practices that promote visions and possibilities for plural and Open, facing the multiple tendencies of domination and control of the world today.
2º- The Institute will have the function of promoting artistic practices, in particular emerging practices and in the field of new technologies, encompassing the visual and performing arts, music, dance and performance, architecture, design and Writing, among others.
3º- The Institute will have the function of promoting theoretical reflection, particularly in the framework of contemporary critical theory.
4º- The Institute will have the function of promoting democratic social action, covering social aspects and diverse political problems such as the impact of technology on society, gender and sexuality, immigration, disability, poverty and inequality, Environment and urban and territorial speculation, and globalization, among others; Always since the independence of political parties.
5º- The Institute will have the function of promoting reflection on technology and its impact on people’s lives and on artistic practices critical technological development and interdisciplinary scientific research from a critical aesthetic, theoretical and social perspective.
6º- The Institute will have the function of promoting critical and creative alternatives that promote a plural vision of the future and the present in front of the advance of unprecedented technologies of control and prediction at the beginning of S. XXI, elaborating a techno-ethical culture instead of technocentric And creatively promoting the development of new technologies for a more plural and ecological new (goal) humanity.

Article 4. For the accomplishment of these aims the following activities will be carried out:
1º- The organization of the Metabody International Forum,
2º- Organization of conferences, symposia, workshops, presentations, metaformances, performances, interventions, installations and exhibitions of artistic work in different formats as well as the organization of international, national, regional and local exhibitions, festivals and events.
3º- The organization of research groups, study centers, ontoethics observatory and ontoecology;
4º- The coordination of permanent spaces in Madrid or other place, with activities of the forum, as well as therapeutic or medical applications, consultations, residences, retreats or life experiences;
5 – The organization and implementation of projects and initiatives for the creation, production, research, training, dissemination, distribution, exhibition and archiving of artistic practices, theoretical reflection and social action.
6. The development of multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary works and art projects,
7º- Theoretical, artistic and scientific research,
8º- The development of technologies (software, hardware and others), in particular intended for artistic projects or social action.
9. The publication of reports, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, on the Internet and other media;
10- The development of local and international networks of contacts related to all areas of action of the association. Encourage coordination with other Groups or Entities with similar objectives and organize joint actions.
11- The implementation of awareness campaigns, claims actions and any others suitable for the purposes proposed.
12º- Participate in or coordinate European and international projects and of any other type related to the activity of the association.
13º- To undertake all the legal measures at its disposal for the fulfillment of its aims.
14º- Find the financial means necessary for the development of its activities.
15. Any others in line with the purposes of the Metabody Project.