part of International Metabody Forum 2020

Distant bodies propriocepting – Broad/Narrow Bandwidth Bodies

Reinventing relations in times of social distance

with Reverso/Metabody – Jaime del Val  &  K. Danse – Jean-Marc Matos

hosted by K. Danse

26 October – 18 december —- 2 physical and 3 online events!

– du 26 au 30 octobre – Théâtre des Mazades > teaser vidéo
Résidence de création avec le performeur et philosophe Jaime del Val (Reverso/Metabody) en collaboration avec Jean-Marc Matos (Cie K. Danse) et les participants de l’atelier de formation/création – visites possibles en fin de journée et présentation de sortie de résidence le 30 octobre, petit Théâtre des Mazades, Toulouse 17h30.

– les 12 et 13 novembre – Online – échange avec Konic Lab – festival ECOSS –

– les 16 et 17 novembre – Théâtre Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane :
Séance expérimentale de « danse en ligne » en collaboration à distance avec les compagnies Col’jam (Casablanca, Maroc), Konic Thtr (Barcelone, Catalogne) et Reverso (Madrid, Espagne). Production: Désaligné en ligne

– du 30 novembre au 4 décembre – la Place de la Danse CDCN Toulouse-Occitanie :
Résidence de recherche-création-formation, sur le thème « Laboratoire-Fabrique du Mouvement-Composition chorégraphique à distance ». Séances animées par Jean-Marc Matos, adressées à des danseurs.e.s confirmé.e.s ou pas et à de jeunes créateurs toulousains. Pendant la semaine, des intervenants sont invités : le roboticien Thomas Peyruse, etc.
Recherche autour de la création 2021 « Gameplay Level2 ».
Studio 48 rue de la République, Toulouse.

– les 17 et 18 décembre – Centre culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse :
Séance expérimentale de « danse en ligne » en collaboration à distance avec les compagnies Col’jam (Casablanca, Maroc), Konic Thtr (Barcelone, Catalogne) et Reverso (Madrid, Espagne).

Full info here: >>>link to official Metabody Toulouse 2020 site of K.DANSE

>>>portfolio Metabody Toulouse 2020 by K.Danse











As digitisation of the world accelerates via the pandemic it’s more urgent than ever to reflect on the problems related to a society of increasingly immobile and isolated bodies. Digital interfaces enact a “low bandwidth” bodily experience based on the reduction of sensori-motor capacities. It’s urgent to redefine digital technologies and telematic relations in ways that involve a richer body of “broader bandwidth” and richer sensory-motor spectrums.

The experience of previous years in Metabody Toulouse will be now staged simulating a telematic connection between two performers of between performer(s) and audience, in an intimate immersive setting where we will propose unprecedented ways of involving the body in telematic relations. The stage will be divided in two parts, simulating a telematic encounter. The movements of each interactor in each “side” of the stage will be transferred to the other side, affecting the robotic movements of a flexinamic sculpture/architecture suspended in each side, to which the interactors are attached, as well as to interactive lighting, sound and visuals, but without transmitting video or audio signals, and including accelerometers on the body and biosignals.

The movement parameters affect each side so that the interactor’s experience as part of a common virtual and physical, augmented world. Specific focus will be on proprioception, the sense of internal movement of the body, as well as touch and proxemics, and how to heighten and enrich them in telematic situations. The Disalignments movement techniques of Metabody will be part of this experimental approach during the experiential workshop-residency where a group of participants cocreate the environments in which also a phyisical audience will be involved in the final presentation. (Telematic collaborations are considered in case of new movement restructions due to the pandemic).

Feeling the other through the sculpture and the multisensory environments engulfing or hugging you, while focusing on feeling oneself, is presented as crucial in an era of social distancing and increasing impoverishing of embodied experience. Hugging oneself and others, co-sensing, starts with rediscovering our sense of proprioception. An environment heightening a sense of indeterminacy is proposed, where bodies rediscover their richness by unfolding always new torsions within their proprioceptive fields, instead of the generalised obsession with control and reduction.

The dramaturgy will involve the gradual disalignments of confined, masked and enchained person that unfolds or unchains his/her movement freedom in a series of journeys inside the body, while expanding it, a body Odyssey in 2020-21, a journey beyond the infinite, a restoration of evolution as movement of variation, and a new social movement: “Les Désalignés”! Choral aspects of previous years will be involved as well as the metaformance techniques for involving audience developed in Metabody and taken no to telematic situations and design.

The project builds more directly upon Metabody Toulouse 2019 and 2018 experiences as well as new proposals for en educational project Khorós, and also on the previous European Teleplateaus project. It will propose a first stage of experimentation to develop later as actual telematic app, toolkit, game or performance in future iterations. A related telematic performance in December will be part of the process, involving other collaborators and artists. Meanwhile theoretical aspects concerning the notions of broad/low bandwidth bodies will be elaborated by Jaime del Val.

Étreinte distante / Abrazo distante / Alien Embrace 1.0

La performance qui n’aura pas eu lieu /
La performance que no habrá tenido lugar /
The performance that will not have taken place
Due to the sudden confinement declared by the French Government, the final performance of the forum planned on 30th October 2020 had to be cancelled
30th October 2020 at 6 pm at Theatre Mazades in Toulouse
With: Reverso – Jaime del Val, K. Danse – JeanMarc Matos, and the residence participants: Leo Gaubert, Ariana Logvinova, Garance Plessis-Fraissard, Yasmina Benjelloun, Laure Lapeyre, Fanny Delort, Leonor Segura, Antonella Sampieri
scene 1: Chorus
scene 2: Alien Embrace
scene 4: Abstract conversation
The following are excerpts of rehearsals published at the same time of the planned performance:


On the themes:

  • Propriocept yourself anew through the relation with an other, (via minimal variations in movement)
  • Restaging the drama of social distance, (by reinventing the sense of moving body)

1 – Disalignments for reinventing social distance

How to make of our physical distance in space a connection, a new mode of relation, and how to open it up to never ending reinvention, by moving in new ways, and focusing on proprioception as means of feeling the other through our own movement and feeling ourselves through the other. Indoors and outdoors!

Minimal variations in movement, proprioception and multisensory integration will afford an ongoing reinvention of your sense of body of space and of relation to everything around you (objects, furniture, space, people…) allowing you to create yourself a radical freedom of internal movement even in confinement, and a sense of relation in times of distance, where what we miss is proprioceptive attunement: feeling ourselves in feeling others!






2 – Alien Embrace –  (in times of social distance)

Reverso presents the prototype of a brand new robotics Tele-hugging machine! New Flexinamic wearable architecture-sculpture!






3 – Microsexes or disaligned videoconferencing

A very disaligned way to skype or zoom, or postanatomical telebodies for emergent proprioceptions





4 – Common digital body (metagaming)

On amorphous digital avatars as intra-active architectures for emergent proprioception






(5) – Metatopias as the coming together of aspects of the 4 previous into a particular composition-improvisation process

















With the support of the Ministry of culture and the Region of madrid / Con el apoyo del Ministerio de Cultura y la Comunidad de Madrid: