19th-22nd October 2021 – in La Vannerie – Toulouse – France

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Creation residency-workshop, with public presentation on Friday 22nd at 4pm.

After focusing on disaligned telematic video performance across three networked spaces in Metabody Toulouse 2020, this year we will focus on two other layers of the Bodynet project, and its exploration of new modes of telematic experience that involve as rich as possible a movement and perception.

(Photos above by Ambre Cazier)

The event in Toulouse  simulated two distant environments in order to experiment with the following:

  1. ALIEN EMBRACE. Environment for hugging at a distance through Reverso’s Flexinamic robotic architectures, which engulf the person inside the structure, like a cocoon, activated by someone from a remote location. A choreography of the telematic embrace can be elaborated. The structure can also be made to move on its own. —- Telematic elaboration of the FLEXINAMICS project of Reverso — Preliminary development in Metabody Toulouse 2020:
    • PERFORMANCE/SCENE (10-15 min.): A remote performer or audience member who has installed the software for sending data from the accelerometer data, performs a gesture of selfhugging, with variations, that is transferred to the sculpture engulfing a performer at another location, playing with the nuances that go from extreme subtlety and emotion, to suffocating, and with the resonances that hugging has in times of the pandemic, as means also to feel oneself proprioceptively.

  1. Abstract Avatars. online metagaming environments with digital architectures and sounds created through movement data of interactors in different locations using phone sensors. Telematic elaboration of the AMORPHOGENESIS project of Reverso . – Since January 2021 Reverso, with collaboration of K-Danse, created and tested a new app and software to use data from phone sensors and send them, or any other data, for online interactions.
    • PERFORMANCE/SCENE (10-15 min.): Two to four remote interactors wear a phone in the forearm, or somewhere else in the body. Each of them is connected one out of four digital meshes, which is their abstract avatar, so that the movements transpose to the deformation of the messages as well as processing of electronic sounds