METATOPIA          IMF 2018            Jaime del Val

Metagaming – Participatory Installations

Metagaming environments are interactive amorphous digital architectures and spatialised sound environments in which participants interact through sensors distributes on the body, avoiding manual control, anticartesian spaces that continuously co-emerge with movement challenging the perception of form and extension, and expanding the proprioception and self-perception of the participant into the amorphous environment.

The architectures are projected onto flexinamic (flexible and dynamic) translucent physical modules that are attached to the body of the participant, moving with her/him, indoors or outdoors, as large scale installation or in more intimate and small portable environments. Participants interact one by one for periods between 10 and 20 minutes or as small groups for periods of 20 to 60 minutes of immersion in the space. The digital architectures are like alien creatures or amorphous tissues –intertices– connecting bodies.

Metagaming is an augmented reality mobile game for disseminating indeterminate behaviours and recovering the complexity of full body intra-action in times of digital control. Metagaming tours in villages, urban and suburban areas like a Barraca of the XXIst Century, in Hommage to Federico Garcia Lorca’s nomad theatre “La Barraca”, also like a Dyonisian Chorus. Metagaming is developed always in new site-speficic and body-specific versions with communities along borderscapes including Refugees, Indigenous people, prisoners, neurodiverse, queer, etc.

In the Pikpa Refugee Camp in Lesvos:

Tour in Rural areas – Barraca of the XXist Century:

Filming of Wonders Wander with Shu Lea Cheang in April 2017: