METATOPIA          IMF 2018         Jaime del Val

Metagenesis – Metaformances and one to one encounters

Metaformance: 1 to 1 experience of perceptual ontohacking.

Between performance, shamanistic and medical practice, and others, the metaformance proposes an intimate experience of ontoart: an experience of perceptual modification that hacks basic assumptions of reality, ontological presuppositions as the notions of extensive Cartesian space, form, subject-object dualism, sex and anatomical body or universal emotions, in several modalities:

  • Amorphogenesis (approx. 25 min): intra-active metagaming environment to experience non-Cartesian and amorphous spaces as extensions of the proprioceptive body. Amorphogenesis is an experience of non-cartesian space in which the interactor wears sensors and creates an amorphous 3D and sound environment that invites the body to explore unconventional movements, sensations and perceptions, focusing on an expanded and alien sense of proprioception.
  • Microsexes (approx. 25 min): antiperspectival machine to become a postanatomic body report of infinite indeterminate sexes. Microsexes is an experience of postanatomical body in which a performer mediates a transformation in the bodily selfperception of the audience participant who will see herself transformed into an amorphous landscape of closeup visions in constant transformation, challenging the perception of form, identity, intelligibility and anatomy, in an alien intimacy with the performer where bodily boundaries are blurred. The performer moves on the skin of the participant with small surveillance cameras in closeup projected on a surrounding flexinamic (flexible and dynamic) translucent structure, while his voice is processed life. The encounter may happen indoors or outdoors, in dedicated rooms or in homes. It’s a ritual of undoing a historical tradition of framing the body at a distance for the purpose of categorizing it, an exorcism of perspective, anatomy ad Cartesian subject-object divides, where the body becomes an amorphous process in excess of binary sexes. The metaformance takes the form of a doctor’s consultation (or alien brothel-laboratory) in which the audience waits while reading instructions in a large waiting room and is introduced by assistants wearing white overalls and headlights into the smaller room where they interact with the performer. It can be presented in theatre, festival, museum or gallery formats yet with the mentioned consultation setting.

Metabody Lab offers multisensory interactive experiences on a 1 to 1 basis through its Metacave system of portable immersive environments.

Information and reservations to request a meeting / experience of metaformance in the Center Reverso / Metabody or in homes, write to

Alternatively, experiences are proposed in public space, for reservations of groups of at least three people, minimum duration one hour, place to be agreed:

  • Disalignments (approx. 45 min): movement techniques to blur the notion of predictable trajectory and become a swarm of expanded microsensations. (This modality is also apt for small groups)
  • Flexinamics: translucent, flexible and dynamic meta-structures and physical body extensions in which non-Cartesian physical space emerges from movement, and in which the outside-inside distinction is blurred and physical architecture becomes the extension of the body and its proprioception, while the body entertains a non-Cartesian relationship or control with space.

Available days and times: to be arranged on demand.
Cost of tickets (promotional Metabody Forum): € 10 / person in the Metabody Centre, 40€ /person in homes and 10€/person for groups (More than 3 people) for the Flexinamics modality outdoors, and for the Disalignments modality groups indoors.