WORKSHOP: Metahuman Lab


¿Can we Create a Liveable Future (for all life forms on Earth)?

Facing the Extinction Challenge.


From 25th to 29th in Skala Eressos, Lesvos, in between the Village and a land nearby, linked to local community and the fight against speculation and the queer community  – EU project related workshop with students, local participants as well as international participants.

The workshop, part of the Metahuman Futures Forum 2022 Lesvos, proposes a ruthless reflection on the deepest problems of our times and their interrelated nature, problems that are vastly ignored in most existing forums and that we will summarise under the topic of Extinction:  the current 6Th Great Mass Extinction, as the process caused by the dominant human way of living emerging over the past 10 millennia, at least since the birth of agriculture, linked to overpopulation, a devastating occupation of the Earth, slavery and extermination of every other life form (including many humans). It also proposes to launch practices that aim towards a deep transformation of the dominant ways of living: a metahuman mutation.

Metahumanism highlights and pushes further the inseparability of Queer, Vegan, Environmental, Migrant, Indigenous, Neurodiverse, and other movements and proposals for undoing the dominance of a devastating form of domination that erases diversity on Earth in all its forms, and unleashes a mass extinction that drags the dominant species into the abyss as well as threatens 8,7 million other species. It proposes a ruthless critique of Human Supremacy and  change of ways of living by regaining a lost capacity to sense as a body and to vary our movements, for moving with the world and not against it, stopping to be The Plague. It will also address critical approaches to digital and algorithmic culture of surveillance and control. The reply is always in the BODY, sensing, moving with others, not against others, indeterminately.

The workshop will include:

  • Ontological therapy: Philosophy and Theories on Trash-humanism (Extinction) and the Metahuman alternative (Planetary Health), for unding the roots of Human Supremacy, Extinction and the Planetary Holocaust,
    • including disalignment modules for self-analysis of alignments with human supremacy dogmas (onto-therapy).
  • Disalignments: Movement and perception exercises and improvisation techniques based on proprioception and non-conscious micro-movements, and voice, including  different technologies of the Metabody project, involving dynamic portable architectures and interactive digital projections:
  • Cooking VEGAN food together, as well as living together in the spaces for the week, exploring disaligned non-verbal modes of intra-action for a metahuman society to come, testing out the proposals of the Metahuman Alternative:
  • Ongoing improvisation and disaligned choral explorations of public space, city, beach, etc. as disaligned contemporary revival of the Dionysian chorus.
    • Including walks and excursions in the surroundings for exploring symbiotic relations and gathering techniques and edible plants.s)

Worshop imparted by the non-binary metahuman philosopher-artist-activist Jaime del Val/ValJayK sharing ideas and techniques developed over 20 years and presented in over 30 countries.

Participants are also welcome to share their practices.

Inscriptions for the workshop here: metabody [at] – for local students, local participants (including refugees and other minorities) a well as internationalparticipants – important to stay for the five days.

We have discount prices for accomodation for participants.

With the Support and Sponsoring of Ohana Collective Queer Ranch and Rooms Lesvos –

FULL PROGRAMME SOON. For a similar previous workshop see here:

The workshop will bring together theory and practice:

  1. a radical critique of the Trash-human “civilizatory” process of the past millennia, the toxic, atrophied way of living based on intensive urbanisation, exponential demographic multiplication (and its associated oppressive heterosexual regimes), ecosystem disruption, massive animal abuse and killing (Planetary Holocaust), human slavery and genocide of alternative, more sustainable human cultures, all of which is unleashing a mass extinction and a selfextinction; this implies onto-hacking all the deeply rooted fallacies of Human Supremacy through “ontological Therapies” and studies of alignments (systemic and personal);
  2. a radical Metahuman alternative grounded on a wide variety of movement improvisation, perception and ontohacking techniques developed by Jaime del Val in the Metabody project, regaining and reinvention of lost bodily capacities to sense, move and think in motion, relearning to move with the flows of the world, rather than against them, embracing indeterminacy, with a richer embodied experiences, regaining a sense of symbiosis and mutation, while stopping to be the Plague: voluntarily suspending reproduction and becoming disperse, naked, metasexual, vegan gatherers, again as one of the eight million species of the biosphere, contributing to biodiversity and the regeneration of the Earth, towards unheralded evolutionary variations.
    1. Just like Aristotle “invented” biology in Lesvos, as a relation to Nature based on categorising from outside, we propose to initiate, also in Lesvos, a reverse move of the entire Western and Aristotelian tradition: a metahuman r/evolution for renewing our capacity for immanently moving with the flows of the Earth and all its life forms, while ruthlessly challenging Human Supremacy in all its forms: a BI Body Intelligence revolution against the dominance of rationalisation and AI control dystopias. Indeed since 2010 Lesvos was already the place where the Metahumanist Manifesto was presented, and in 2014 and 2017 further metahumanist activities were done in Lesvos so this 2022 event is a new turn in the already existing metahuman relation to the island.
  3. This will imply a queer contemporary rebirth of the ancient Dionysian chorus, the nomadic group of dancing-singing bodies. The entire workshop will be a radical experiment of conviviality (including cooking vegan food, sleeping in the space, etc.) based mainly on experimental non-verbal interactions and micromovements, as well as involving instances of improvisation outdoors in the streets and beach, opening the process up to other people beyond the group of participants, as well as doing slow, disaligned, multisensory walks in the surroundings focused on disperse foraging/gathering and radically symbiotic ways of dwelling in the ecosystem.

For all of these reasons the workshop specifically wants to support the movement Protovoulia Eressou fighting the urbanisations projects in Skala Eressos as well as the queer community and the refugee community of Lesvos.

PROPOSED READINGS summarising the coordinator’s philosophical proposal for the project – to expand and discuss during the event:

ONTOLOGICAL THERAPY – HUMAN SUPREMACY TEST – that will be used as open draft during the event, for every daily group therapy session:







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