Hommage to Hélio Oiticica, Loïe Fuller, Iannis Xenakis, Lygia Clarck.

Metakinesphere is an analogue prototype for interactive/intra-active wearable architecture. A wearable structure made of flexible materials and translucent textiles that blurs the limits of the body and its legibility.

A metabody, a body-space without recognisable form or function, that physically transforms in an elastic relation to bodily movement, bound by elastics to the “human” body which moves suspended in the relation to the architecture, while projecting its skin on the textiles through cameras placed on the skin and projecting the electronically processed voice.

Metakinesphere challenges the reducibility of the body and its movement to any spherical or geometric form (Laban, Parmenides, or Leonardos Vitruvian man). Never aquiring a form, movement unfolds in indeterminate potentials. Hybrid of architecture, wearable and textile, this metabody is enacted as movement, metaformed and performed, an anti-object in permanent amorphogenesis.

Alien bride and posthuman cocoon, it is also an hommage to the amorphogeneitc multisensorial performances of dancescientist Loïe Fuller.

Metakinesphere Metaformance
IMF 2014 Madrid
by Jaime del Val

Metakinesphere 1
IMF 2014 Madrid

The Layering of Empires – (Decolonizing bodies 1.0)
Microsexes/Amorphogenesis/Metakinesphere in UC Berkeley
in Alcatraz island
in Golden Gate Bridge
in Aquatic park pier in San Francisco
Metaformance in Baker beach
Metakinesphere metaformance in Campanile
Metakinesphere metaformance in Campanile
IMF 2014 Amsterdam Metaformance
IMF 2015 Weimar Metaformance

Urban intervention – Starting in Plaza de las Letras by Medialab Prado.
– Reverso: Jaime del Val & Cristian García

Testing prototypes, Experimental Intervention – In the auditorio of Medialab Prado.
-Reverso: Jaime del Val & Cristian García

Metakinesfere-Microsexes – First hybrid metaformance of two projects by Jaime del Val, at the Conference on Posthuman Politics in University of the Aegean, Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece

Testing prototypes, Diferents materials.


Metaformances Microsexos/Metakinesfera
-Interfaces for body and space. Salt Beyoglu – Estambul.