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Metamedialab / Ontohacklab

Ontohacklab/Metamedialab is an itinerant lab, part of the International Metabody Forum, which so far has taken place in 42 cities of 25 countries, whose aim is to explore and elaborate modes perception that are open to reconfiguration, foregrounding indeterminacy and plasticity as well as researching into the ways in which media shape societies not so much at the level of content but of perceptual organizations (metamedia), by imposing closed and rigid sensory hierarchies. Ontohacking implies a critical reinvention of perceptual structures, which alters the way bodies move, relate and constitute social ecologies, foregrounding perceptual ecologies with a higher degree of indeterminacy, plasticity and openness.

MetaMedialab includes:

  • Ontohacking Workshops – METABODY TECHNIQUES
  • Research on minoritarian perceptual ecologies
  • Metagaming design, Intra-action, metaformance
  • Metatherapies – Consultations
  • Indeterminators – Cartesiholic Anonymous


IMF 2019 will strenghthen the Ontohacklabs/Metamedialabs through a new research line dedicated to highlighting minoritarian perceptual ecologies, alternatives to the model of visual rationalisation stemming from Renaissance perspective and sustaining control society today. Working with indigenous peoples form Peru, refugees from Lesvos, people living in confinement in prisons of Latinamerica, the process will focus both on highlighting existing alternate ecologies and on experimenting with new ones, like in the case of people living in confinement (prisoners): how can they expand their experience of space-time through techniques focusing on micromovement?

Also the Metatherapies line will be consolidated, working with neurodiverse people to enact therapeutic practices that rather than normalising the individual, afford environments where both neurodiverse and neurotypical people may project new cognitive capacities, enhacing plascity and indeterminacy. How can a neurotypical adult regain the cognitive plascitiy of the child/autistic, how can the neurodiverse person project his/her worlds into a landscape of amorphous, undefined affordances? How can new education models and perceptual architectures be enacted though which learning processes in children also favour greater cognitive plasticity?

IMF 2018 aims at consolidating a sustained network of Metamedialabs, as citizen labs of critical experimenation that may face the new challenges of control society, for plural and contestable futures.

Metagaming is a concept of interactive multisensory platforms across the physical and digital for outdoors and indoors involving full body interaction, non-goal oriented activity, non-quantifiable and non-competitive play, favoring indeterminacy and diversification of gestural interactions to perform in any daily situation. Intra-action is a notion (proposed by Karen Barad) that implies the coemergence of all processes that constitute an ecosystem or environment, thus proposing a deeper relation than interaction, since the whole environment emerges from the gestures of interaction and modifies the interaction gestures in return, so that there is no entirely preexisting environment nor interactor. Metaformance (neologism proposed in 1994 by Claudia Giannetti) is the process of ongoing reinvention of perception, favouring indeterminacy, movement, relationality and the absence of external observer.

Metatherapies – research together with neurodiverse people and people with alternate mobilities, that implies reversing the habitual clinical practice so that instead of normalising the subject, environments (physical and digital) and means are proposed through which non normative subjects can project and elaborate their non normative cognitive or mobility potentials. At the level of mobility movement techniques are proposed which are not based on repetition but on exploration of divergent movements, through microvariations induced by the relation to the environments and the exploration of proprioception and microperceptions. These proposals can equally be applied to neurotypical people and people with normative mobilities, affording evironments for expanding cognitive-kinetic potentials towards recovering/gaining the cognitive and affective plasticity of the child (or of the autistic).

Ontohacking  workshop content:

1.Ontohacking Theoretical Practices:

  • The Algoricene
    1. Metamedia: the way media structure perception  – Genealogy of perception.
    2. Ontology of information: Embodied nature of information.
    3. Algoricene – form, pattern, movement.
  • Movement ontologies
    1. Radical movement philosophy.
  • Ontohacking:
    1. Metaformance.
    2. Ontoethics and ontoecology.
    3. Ontohacking.
    4. Metapolitics .
  1. Ontohacking / Metaformance Practices:
  • Disalignmentsmovement techniques based on proprioception and microperceptions.
  • Flexinamicsphysical flexible and dynamic architecture modules as body extensions.
  • Amorphogenesisnon representational VR and amorphous digital intra-active environments.
  • Microsexescameras on the skin and electronically processed voice for a body without anatomy.


METABODY-1-2013-010Lab 1 – Madrid
CYNETART_2013-11-15--photo-david-pinzer-8469 - EmoticamLab 2 – Dresden
P1070918Lab 3 – Genoa
meeting-01Lab 4 – Madrid
P1070611-Lab 5 – Amsterdam
1080462Lab 6 – Weimar
_1100619-lab 7 -EE.UU/Canadá
Workshops - 24Lab 8 – Madrid
Jaime del ValLab 9 – Paris
_1190281-Lab 10 – Chile/Colombia