by Jaime del Val – Reverso – Metabody Institute –


Evolution is the movement of variation by which every universe is an expression and unfolding of quantum fluctuations. This law of fluctuation as only a priory, as motor of any potential multiverse implies also a right to non-reduction of movement and experience. Reduction here is meant from qualitative and indeterminate to quantitative and determinate.

The age of algorithms exposes an extreme tendency to reduction, of fluctuating qualitative variation in movement, to quantity and determination, a counter-evolutionary tendency that needs to be counterbalanced. It operates by aligning bodies first with geometries and fixed pints of vision and then with planetary scale computation systems, by increasing atrophy of proprioception, multisensory integration and BI, Body Intelligence, the body’s capacity to move-think in non-linear ways.

How we move is how we think, perceive and feel. The more narrow and aligned our movements the more narrow our thoughts, perceptions and affects.

Narrow movement-perceptions underlie all forms of systemic violence. Broadening perception is a multiversal prerequisite for evolution.

As means to counteract any systemic process of domination, reduction and destruction, I propose a Multiversal Right to non-reduction:

  • The Right not to have experience qualitatively reduced, perception reduced to fixed point of vision, movement reduced to traceable segments, the right not to be subdued to reductive interfaces, dualistic media and algorithmic opacity, etc.
    • This new account of negative freedom goes a long a new account of positive freedom: the right to promote qualitative variation, behavioral indeterminacy, disalignments, evolution as variation, the right to promote proprioceptive richness and entanglement.
  • This implies the Right of the planet to a planetary health, the right not to be disrupted, reduced, quantified and exploited.
    • This includes the rights of viruses, bacteria and all FORMLESS LIFES (rather than life forms) including “humans” and algorithms, to sustain the movement of variation that is evolution. But algorithms are tendencies to form that preempt variation, they need to be overcome.

Reinventing positive and negative freedom as multiversal right of non-reduction is a necessary ground for a radically pluralistic micro, macro and metapolitics, for a Planetary Health, which is also our great Health. I claim the power of formless life to undo the tyranny of form over life, bringing back movement’s power of variation. No life forms: formless life for a planteary health!


Postscriptum on The Virus as Ally (for Metahumanist Mutation)

As the planet accelerates, via the pandemic, the preexisting tendency towards an algorithmic governmentality  it’s urgent to overcome humanistic nostalgias of “saving humanity” from the common enemy and transhumanistic dystopias of control.

No sacrifice of fundamental freedoms should be accepted for the sake of health, no increase in surveillance, production and processing of  behavioral data is justified, we were already too far. Health first yes, but for a livable life. We need to invert the idea that all-encompassing and accelerated digitisation is desirable or necessary, we need to radically slow down and change the obsession with speed and quantity for a concern with quality of experience. Facebook is the kind of pandemic that we need to become immune of.

Health first, yes but the planet’s health should be first. We need to understand our entanglement with both viral and algorithmic ecologies and how the latter are affecting the former. Viruses have always been an ally of evolution, affording Horizontal genetic transfer across bacteria and thus biodiversity, we are their offspring. They are certainly not the enemy. The enemy is if anything the dominant human, the illness on the skin of the earth as Nietzsche might say, dominant species are the enemy, that block the movement of variation of evolution. It is a fact that pandemics are unleashed due do disruption of ecosystems, they are a symptom of the planet’s disruption. This also underlies climate change and global inequalities, and is effect of centuries of colonialism. We need a gradual shift towards a more just, sustainable planet where some of us lose certain comforts that are actually grounded on an impoverishment of movement capacities, and on unnecessary dependencies on disruptive technologies.

In order to deal with the previous points we crucially need the third: to bring back into experience a lost richness: The problem lies in a millennia long process of impoverishment of experience, a kinesthetic and proprioceptive atrophy, that has been wrongly called progress.

Instead of the tendency to reduce experience to fixed points of vision and clicking on screens, let’s mobilise a counter tendency to enrich it though proprioceptive and multisensory plasticity. This is an evolutionary challenge.  BI, Body Intelligence and the swarming power of movement, and not AI and its reductive dystopia of control, is the ground for a r/evolution.

Let the virus be again a mutating force of evolution, for a movement r/evolution. We need a planetary health movement that continually counteracts any tendency to reduction and domination in any macro or micropolitical spectrum.