(Against Extinction and the Planetary Holocaust: for undoing Human Sumpremacy fallacies, Trash-human Unhancement, and their ontological chimeras, towards a Planetary Health and a Metahuman Future.)

– Species and Gender Strike Union –

– Metahuman R/evolution –

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Ontological Therapies are an ironic but serious reversal of other kinds of therapies (whether psychoanalytic, genetic, or other) which are about aligning oneself with the “Extinction System”: the set of systems of domination and “civilization” emerging ver the past 10 millennia unleashing a mass extinction. Ontological therapy is a novel, experimental, philosphical-artistic “therapy” oF DISALIGNMENT for all “humanity” and for a Metahumanity to come.

Ontological Therapies propose a double reverse move:

  • On the one hand questioning deep-rooted fallacies and chimeras, such as the concepts of human, humanity, species, gender or binary sex, chimeras that have emerged as cornerstones of a devastating domination system that is creating a mass extinction and selfextinction. In particular all dogmas underscoring Human Supremacy (the, mostly unquestioned, and deeply rooted belief in the superiority, distinctness, -and existence- of “humanity”) and Trash-humanism, get deeply deconstructed, questioned and undone.
  • On the other hand Ontological Therapies are about rediscovering and reinventing the sensing and moving body and its BI (Body Inteligence) as source for deep changes in ways of living for a metahuman mutation and for undoing the predominance of a narrow-vision, narrow-minded kind of “human” dominated by numeric-verbal abstractions: it is about relearning to live with the flows of the Earth and all life forms, undoing the fears and self-obsessions of a certain dominant strand of the Sapiens whose toxic way of living is unleashing a mass extinction and selfextinction event.


Part 1: HUMAN SUPREMACY TEST  – (HST)Questionnaire for individual and/or group therapy

Dear colleagues, you are invited to be part of a metahuman experiment where we are at first testing the levels of Human Supremacy in colleagues from the academic, activist and artistic fields such as posthumanism, queer, decolonial or crip studies. It is proposed following the alarming levels of human supremacy detected in academic, activist, artistic and other supposedly critical fields.

By we/us we refer to the group leading this experiment which as of now is a collaboration between Reverso/Metabody Institute for Metahuman Technologies (Jaime del Val) and the Posthuman Lab (Cagdas Dedeoglu).

As subject of experimentation you  will be in the cutting edge of an experiment that we hope to soon transpose to all “humanity”.

As different from the issues addressed in the Adorno Fascism Scale of personality of the Voight-Kampf Replicant Test in Blade Runner,  we believe that Human Supremacy  is rooted in all beings that think of themselves as Human, the idea of “humanity” itself being an assumption of Human Supremacy. It is the belief in the distinctness and superiority of the human underlying our current toxic and devastating way of living and overpopulation, and the assumption that we have the right to multiply and occupy the Earth in the current devastating manner, while assuming implicitly the inevitability and desirability of current civilization and the inferiority of “Nature”.

The following questionnaire aims at testing and detecting the levels of Human Supremacy in humans. It is part of a metahuman experiment and we invite you to become subject of experimentation.

It can be adapted to different groups, for instance posthumanists, queers, etc.

It is a Beta-level and will later be launched at wider level.

The following is a provisional standard test. It is a draft sample that you may use for self-therapy or with others.

If you become subject of experimentation with us we will use variations in the questions as semi-structured in-depth interview.

It will involve a reciprocal therapy with the interviewer or a group therapy format.

For live interviews the speed of replies and non-verbal communication aspects will be analysed, as well as the resistance to undergoing the test.

On Data Consent: The treatment of data will be anonymised. By accepting to undergo the test you allow us to use the anonymised data for evaluations of the existng levels of human supremacy and their modalities in certain human groups.

If you wish you may send your written replies to metabody@metabody.eu or contact us at the same address to communicate your availability for a live interview or a group therapy session, or just share your feedback about the project.


  1. Do you think you are human?
    1. If yes, why?
      1. If no, why, and would you define yourself otherwise?
    2. Do you think the human as singular species exists? Do you think “Humanity” exists other than as a supremacist belief, construct and concept, and its associated way of living, earth-occupation, domination and multiplication?
      1. If yes is it one or multiple, changing or unchanging, separated from or related to other species?
      2. If yes do you think it is special and or superior to other life forms?
        1. If yes what makes it special/superior?
      3. Do you believe in the validity of the concept of species?
        1. Why, or why not?
  2. Do you see a threat of seflextinction? And of mass extinction?
    1. Is it a problem if humans get extinct?
      1. would this improve all others 8,7 million species’ lives?
    2. What about if 75% or 86% or more of the 8’7 million species get extinct?ç because of current human way of living and overpopulation?
    3. If the human, or humanity, is only a supremacist belief, construct and concept, associated to way of living, maybe the extinction of the human means the extinction of  a concept, a belief and a way of living, mutating towards other modes?
  3. Do you think humans have the implicit right to multiply?
    1. If yes, why and what to do with overpopulation?
    2. If not, should one embrace antinatalism and suspend voluntarily human reproduction to avoid extinction?
    3. What do you think of trans-species families as alternative to heteronormative multiplication?
    4. And of queer families as alternative to heteronormative multiplication?
    5. Do you believe in gender categories?
    6. What do you think is their purpose? Do you think they have a purpose besides categorising bodies as mandatory reproductive entities in a system of multiplication by which we became the plague?
    7. Do you think you are man/woman, or would you consider rejecting these categories as non-binary body?
  4. Do you think humans have the right to occupy the earth with urbanisation, agriculture, transport, etc?
    1. What effect do you think this occupation has on other life forms?
    2. Are you aware of the current 6th Mass Extinction and its relation to climate change, pandemics, etc?
    3. Can this process go elsewhere than to extinction?
    4. How long do you think the situation can last before we get extinct?
    5. Do you think there is no other way to live?
    6. What alternatives do you think exist or have existed, if any, to the current way of multiplying, occupying the earth and enslaving other species and humans, considering for instance gatherer cultures, animals and evolution at large?
    7. Do you think extinction is unavoidable?
    8. Or do you think human supremacy will “save us”?
  5. Do you think the human has the right to enslave and kill other species?
    1. If yes, why?
      1. Do you think it is a “natural law”?
      2. If yes do you really think such a planetary systemic slavery and killing ever existed in nature?
    2. Do you think enslaving and killing humans is ok?
      1. And enslaving and killing pets?
      2. And enslaving and killing pigs in farms, considering they are as sentient and intelligent as dogs?
    3. Are you aware that many people claim companion species as their family and that legal rights equal to human are starting to be marginally obtained for them?
    4. Do you think there is a difference between killing a human and killing a member of the non human family of human, for instance a dog?
    5. Do you think there is a difference between killing the non human dog family of your dearest friend and killing pigs in a farm?
      1. If so why?
    6. Are you aware that around 100 billion sentient beings are currently in concentration camps called farms?
    7. Are you aware that farming is the most contaminating industry in the world consuming 80% of global agriculture and its associated land abuse, deforestation, zoonosis and pandemic outbreaks, etc?
    8. Are you aware that going vegan is the most significant single habit change anyone can do for approaching measures against climate change, pandemics, etc?
    9. Are you aware that for every human there are nowadays approx. 10 sentient beings enslaved and exterminated every year in concentration camps called farms?
    10. Are you aware that single every person consuming animal products is directly financing the slavery, radical mistreat and assasination of approximately 10 non-humans per year, i.e. 500 to 1000 in a lifetime?
    11. What if pets or humans were in the place of enslaved animals in farms, would you still support farming?
    12. Do you think such a radical speciest and sumpremacist divide is tennable from a social justice position or from posthumanist/queer/decolonial/antiableist or other positions claiming justice, freedom and plurality?
    13. Should one criminalise farms and all animal use as well as all, non vegan products, production, distribution and consumption?
      1. If not, why?
  6. Do you think agency, intelligence, ethics, politics, and freedom are exclusive of humans and of rationality?
    1. Or inversely do you think the human is the only species incapable of freedom?
    2. Do you think animals have agency, intelligence, ethics, politics, and freedom?
    3. And plants, protists, fungi, bacteria, viruses, molecules, or matter flows?
  7. How do you think we have reached the point of being so dependent on planetary scale systems that are collapsing the planet while making us controllable?
    1. Do you know of any other species that is incapable of living without these dependencies?
    2. Is this not a sign of our radical inferiority?
    3. Are you aware that not long ago we were able to live otherwise, for most of the existence of the Sapiens during 300,000 years?
    4. Do you think industrialised digital societies offer experientially rich ways of living, or a desert of the real?
    5. Is this a sound or a toxic way of living, for us?
    6. And for the planet and its 8,7 million species?
    7. Why do you think non humans have the capacity to live in more sustainable ways?
    8. How/when did we lose the embodied capacities that all nonhumans still have, to live without the systems that are collapsing the planet?
    9. Why do you think we live in a culture that despises the body, movement, the senses and becoming?
    10. Do you think agriculture improved or worsened life conditions?
      1. and industrialisation?
      2. and digitisation?
  8. Do you think human life and health should be extended and improved at whatever cost, even if this search for immortality implies a mass extinction and a species suicide?
    1. How many of our illnesses do you think stem from the way of living we have created?
    2. Is the search for longevity and “enhancement” legitimate or a fascist elitist eugenics fantasy of the rich that happens at the expense of the radical suffering of most beings, unleashing a mass extinction?
  9. Where are the limits to individual freedom?
    1. If they are in the freedom of others, who are these others? Humans only? All animals? All life forms? Molecules and matter flows?
    2. What is needed for Planetary Health to be sustained?
    3. If this implies biodiversity, what are the complex conditions in which biodiversity has flourished on Earth for 4 billion years, unlike in any other planet that we know of?
    4. Openess and variation in flows may have something to do with it?
    5. Can one separate organic and inorganic?
    6. Determining flows, can it lead elsewhere than a mass extinction?
    7. The will to determine and control in humans, where does it come from?
    8. Could it come from its own atrophy/unhancement, to having lost the capacity to move with the world’s flows?
  10. Do you still want to stay hooked to the illusion of the Matrix, the illusion that everything is fine more or less, or would you dare to assume the desert of the real we have created?
    1. Do you take the red or the blue pill? (We know this sounds so binary, but still think about it)…
    2. Are you willing to question your own human supremacy and change the ways of living?
    3. Or to take on small palliative measures?
    4. Or do you prefer to ignore the situation?


Part 2:   Disalignments

Micromovement and BI (Body Intelligence) improvisation technes for stopping to be an Unhanced Trashuman and embrace indeterminacy:

Parts 2 and 1 can be combined or in different order, unfolding over workshops/therapies/retreats of several days or weeks, or online.