·In Phantom Limb we’ll see How artificial neural networks could serve as an interface between real and imagined body parts.
·In this sense an audiovisual interactive neural body extension has been designed that may enter into different situations of co-determinacy with the physical body, so that both entities establish reciprocally their creative conditions via the simultaneity of their real time dynamic couplings.
·Phantom Limb is a trans-disciplinary research project that combines mathematical models from cognitive neuroscience with choreography, music and visual arts in order to realise new creative approaches in the performing arts.
·In particular, in this work we use artificial neural networks as a common substrate to establish algorithmic connections between cognitive neurosciences, dance, sound synthesis and generative video.
·These disciplines gather operationally and form a unity on the basis of their circular interactions.
·In Phantom the bodily activity of the dancers play a prominent role in the evolution of the sonic and visual properties of the space, which behave as an extension to the body movement.
·A series of artificial audiovisual creatures animated by interactive artificial neural networks are projected as holograms in the performing space.
·The form Phantom Limb is a mosaic of ephemeral micro-worlds and micro-identities that emerges from the initial chaos of the local interactions between the phantom limb the physical body.
·These ephimeral configurations or patterns in flux are in constant transition, each one trying to establish or impose itself through fast and cyclic oscillations.
·The study and comprehension of this transition from local rules to a global coherence and plays a fundamental role in the evolutions of both the microscopic and macroscopic form of this study, unifying both levels of analysis.

Instituto Stocos (Cantabria)
Pablo Palacio y Muriel Romero
Choreography: Muriel Romero
Music : Pablo Palacio
Interactuve visual simualtion: Daniel Bisig.
Dancers: Begoña Quiñones, Verónica Garzón, Alicia Narejos & Muriel Romero.
Lighting: Pablo Palacio & Carlos Casado
Scenographic Assitance: Pablo Batista
Production: Muriel Romero & Pablo Palacio.