• BIG DATA BROTHER-Ontology and politics of data.
    The era of datacentrism and infoexplosion, that is embodied in the unprecedented expansion of Big Data -understood as the increasingly sophisticated processing of infinite data bases- presents a fundamental change of ontological dimensions in the operations of power and the social body and demands new critical and creative tools that may help understand the extent and depth of these changes, facilitating new modes of resistance and response.

  • Metakinesphere-Hommage to Loïe Fuller
    Metakinesphere is an analogue prototype for interactive/intra-active wearable architecture. A wearable structure made of flexible materials and translucent textiles that blurs the limits of the body and its legibility.
  • AmorphogenesisJaime del Val – REVERSO Amorphogenesis is an instrument and installation for digital interactive/intra-active architecture in which the movement of bodies transforms amorphous digital meshes in neverending emergence. Amorphogensis is also a philosophical concept by Jaime del Val that points to an account of movement as not subjected to form nor poiting to it.
  • Illegible affects/Indeterminate Emotions – Reverso e Infomus This project studies emotion and movement from an artistic perspective informed by science and technology, focusing on ambiguity and indeterminacy of expression as a necessary, unavoidable and creative substrate of human non verbal communication.
  • Bodynet – Reverso – Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau A new network based solely on embodied / non-verbal communication.
  • MetabodyBox – Palindrome Dance Company (Weimar, Alemania) Metabody Box is an artistic work and a technological device for people with disabilities in which interactive technologies are used to allow people with disabilities to generate musical sound through small movements of any body part. Different stages of this artistic work will be presented in the different Fora, where creation workshops and public presentations will also take place.
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  • MetastudyJaime del Val – REVERSO Metamethodological study exploring the complexities of transdisicplinary research creation and the different ethical and philosohpical challenges faced by a project such as METABODY.
  • Neural Narratives 1: Phantom Limb – Instituto Stocos (Cantabria) – In Phantom Limb we’ll see How artificial neural networks could serve as an interface between real and imagined body parts. In this sense an audiovisual interactive neural body extension has been designed that may enter into different situations of co-determinacy with the physical body, so that both entities establish reciprocally their creative conditions via the simultaneity of their real time dynamic couplings.
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  • Monster – KDanse (Toulouse, Francia) – Choreography by K-Danse based on a story by Borges, happening in a labyrinth of projections.
  • Microsexes/Microdances – Jaime del Val (REVERSO) – An artistic project bringing together gender/sexual minorities and people with disabilities in which surveillance cameras are placed on the skin while the closeup images of the body captures by the cameras are projected life.
  • Sense of the Body – Marije Baalman – STEIM (Amsterdam, Holanda) – Development of new wireless sensor interfaces for the body.
  • Emergent Propioceptions – Jaime del Val – REVERSO – How to generate a new perception of movement as multisensorial selfreferential emergent system, irreducible to measurements?
  • Biometrics, movement, gestures and emotions: 1870-2014. A comparative approach – UAM – Eva Botella – De Montfor University Leicester Beatriz Pichel
    Comparative Study of the history of biometrics and emotions.
  • Loïe Fuller as Dancescientist – UAM – Eva Botella – De Montfor University Leicester Beatriz Pichel – Study of Loïe Fuller as example of transdisciplinary researcher-creator bridging dance and sceinces.
  • Interperforming environments – Hyperbody MSc2 design studio – Tutors: Ir. Kas Oosterhuis, Dr. Nimish Biloria, Dr. Henriette Bier, Jia Rey Chang, Dieter Vandoren – The MSc 2 Design studio conducted at Hyperbody, TU Delft, Netherlands, operates on the premise that bodily motion and non-verbal communication can be understood as interfaces of emotional expression and cognition.
  • Ambiguous Topologies – Jia Rey Chang, Dr. Nimish Biloria, Dieter Vandoren – Ambiguous topologies is an immersive multi-modal spatial installation exploring the tendencies of swarm systems to generate emergent geometric networks as a response to as well as a trigger for movement of multiple bodies in space and time.
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  • Disalignments – Muriel Romero (Instituto Stocos) y Jaime del Val (Reverso) – Disalignments is an artistic project that proposes the development of movement and choreographic techniques that generate an awareness of the standard gestures and choreographies that are distributed worldwide by information technologies, while allowing to disalign oneself from these choreographies accounting for diversity of expressions. Different stages of this artistic work will be presented in the different Fora, where creation workshops and public presentations will also take place.