Trash-human Unhancement and Planetary Health

Undoing the Planetary Holocaust by Reinventing Movement and the Body.

A Manifesto for Cosmic Response-ability and the Future of Life.

an essay by

Jaime del Val



      Ref:    Del Val, Jaime. 2022. “Trash-Human Unhancement and Planetary Health.: Undoing the Planetary Holocaust by Reinventing Movement and the Body: A Manifesto for Cosmic Response-Ability and the Future of Life”. Journal of Posthumanism 2 (1). London, UK: 3-30.




Videos of talks by Jaime del Val on Trash-Humanism – June-July 2021:


Over the past 10.000 years –an eyeblink in geological timescales- the exponential population growth of one species, the Sapiens, from 1 million to nearly 10 billion, has taken over the planet, threatening evolution and biodiversity,  linked to an oppressive heteronormative regime obsessed with species multiplication, and to an insane mode of living and consumption based on the radical abuse and exploitation of other species, as well as other humans and the planet at large, unleashing a Planetary Holocaust or “Eternal Treblinka”, in which 100 billion animals per year are enslaved and killed in concentration camps, along with utterly unsustainable processes of production and consumption.

This extreme form of domination, itself unjustifiable, causing unimaginable damage, also implies, and is unleashing a planetary extinction cycle that also threatens the dominant species and the planet at large: an exponential process whose crisis point (extinction singularity) could be reached over the coming decades, and whose symptoms (pandemics, climate change, rates of species extinction, ecosystem disruption, etc.) have become increasingly visible over the past two years, as symptoms of a deeply damaged Planetary Health. But the response to the situation is so far mostly in reinforcing the systems that are at the core of the problem itself, in a spiral of systemic dependence, social control and polarisation. Urbanisation, consumption, technical systems and population: everything at the roots of the global crisis continues growing and accelerating.

This planet hosts billions of life forms that are unique, both in evolutionary and cosmic terms, therefore preventing extinction implies a responsibility far beyond all “humanity”, even beyond evolutionary and planetary implications: it is a cosmic responsibility for life. Planetary Health, as linked to evolutionary biodiversification, is thus above human health, besides being needed for human health, and it needs to be restored: this is our evolutionary challenge. Or shall we be know for being The Plague: the most inferior, because destructive, of species?

The Body as reply: underlying this millennia long problem of domination and earth appropriation linked to agricultural societies, lies an impoverishment of the body. An impoverished body has been created with an impoverished planet, a culture of atrophied, aligned, immobile bodies – an Unhanced Trash-human – with atrophied thoughts,  always lacking something, depending on unsustainable systems, feeding a spiral of narrow sensibility and reductive intelligence that interrupts symbiotic evolution.

The reply to this unprecedented challenge is therefore in regaining the body, the capacity to move, vary and feel: BI (Body Intelligence). In cultivating the smallest ongoing variation in the body lies the power to regain a Planetary Health, by unfurling a Radical Movement Philosophy and pragmatics, and a new theory of the symbiotic body and perception-proprioception.

The uncomfortable truths need to be tackled: a radical reduction in population and in consumption is needed, a radical transvaluation and transformation must be enacted, by undoing the dogma of species multiplication and its heteronormative model, by undoing the fallacies of immobility as civilization and its systemic dependencies, by undoing species suprematism that leads us to extinction, and by regaining the joys of moving with the world, towards unprecedented variations.